6 Simple Steps to Achieving Your Fitness Goals

6 Simple Steps to Achieving Your Fitness Goals

You have always been a huge health advocate and you do your best to workout as often as you can. It is very important to you to stick with a healthy routine, not only for your physical health, but also for your mental wellbeing too. For years you have been looking for the truth about weight loss and you know there is no magic secret. You realize it takes a long time to achieve any goal so you need to be realistic with yourself. Instead of hounding the gym every single day it’s time to listen to your body and do what’s right for you as an individual.

1.Deal With Injuries Now

You can’t go through life with an ongoing injury and expect it to get better all on it’s own. In order to reach your fitness goals you’re going to need to take care of your body as much as possible. Whether that involves getting a sports massage every week or seeing an osteopath for ongoing niggles, you need to deal with injuries as soon as they arise rather than ignoring the pain.


2. Set Attainable Goals

Everyone wants to look like the super toned girls on Instagram, but how realistic is this? Make sure you aren’t expecting too much from yourself otherwise you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Whether you want to tone up your butt or sculpt your stomach, you need to make small and attainable goals to help you along the way.

3. Make Good Food Choices

When it comes to healthy eating, there is nothing more effective when you’re trying to get fit. You can’t outtrain a bad diet, so no matter how hard you work in the gym it won’t pay off if you’re eating pizza and cookies every evening. Eat plenty of protein and complex carbohydrates and you will soon see results.

4. Enjoy Socialising

Don’t stop yourself from going out with your friends just because you are on a fitness journey. Life is all about finding a balance, so don’t restrict yourself at any time.

5. Take Up a New Fitness Activity You Love

Working out doesn’t always need to involve sweating on the treadmill or shaking when lifting a heavy weight. Find an activity that is fun for you and you will soon enjoy exercise much more.

6. Don’t Put Too Much Pressure on Yourself

You need to be able to relax and reduce the pressure when you’re trying to reach your fitness goals. Putting pressure on yourself won’t help you to achieve anything; take each day as it comes and get back onto the wagon whenever you fall off. Remain positive and content with yourself and the results will soon start to show.

You aren’t going to achieve your fitness goals overnight, especially if you’re putting an exorbitant amount of pressure on yourself. Be realistic at all times and surround yourself with people who support your wholly. You will soon be right on track with everything you want to achieve without hurting, injuring or straining yourself in the process.

How to Encourage Your Children to Play More Sport

How to Encourage Your Children to Play More Sport

Every parent wants their child to be active and to also make friends. Sport is a fantastic way for you to get the best of both worlds, not to mention that it also helps them to get some friendly competition as well.

Choosing a Sport

The first thing that you need to do is choose a sport that is going to suit your child’s age and their own physical ability. If you force your child to take part in a sport that interests you rather than them, then this can lead to them begin bored or even resistant. You may even lower their self-confidence as a result as well, and this is the last thing that you need when you have worked so hard to build it up. It also helps to choose a sport that you can afford to sustain, and one that you have time for. If you have to stop your child from going just because you can’t afford it then this can really have an impact on their confidence.


Buy the Right Equipment

Another thing that you need to do is buy the right equipment and materials. If they don’t have the right gear, then this will make it even harder for them to take part and they may not even feel as though they are part of the team as well. The gear you choose should be of the best possible condition as this is one of the best ways for you to stop them from getting injured when they are out and on the go. If you are worried about injury then look into First Aid 4 Sport.


Show Support

Your child really does need your support when they choose to take part in new activities. You need to drive them to games and you also need to take them to practices. It also helps to show your child how the game is played so that they can understand the most basic rules. This will help them to feel more confident when they are out playing and it will also show them that you are doing everything you can to keep them interested.


A lot of parents overlook the idea of good sportsmanship. You need to tell them about the positive aspects of the experience. Competition is a good thing, and it encourages us to work hard. The sooner your child is able to understand this, the better, as it will really help them to develop a good team spirit. It also shows them that if they lose, then this isn’t a bad thing, which leads onto the next point.


It’s so important that you support your child when they don’t win a game or when they don’t succeed. You should let your child express their feelings of failure or even disappointment. When they do this, you then need to try and counter those negative feelings by reminding them of everything that they have accomplished. Even professional athletes have bad days, and there are plenty of good days to come.

It’s #FeelGoodLinky Time! February 2018

It’s #FeelGoodLinky Time! February 2018

Today we are saying goodbye to February.  It’s been a horrendous month for me but I’m here ready for the #FeelGoodLinky and ready to confess my sins.

How was February for me?


I’m ending February not actually losing any weight.  I weighed at the middle of the month and had gained a (not so) wonderful 5lb.  Two days later my period arrived and I’ve been too afraid to stand on the scales since.  I sucked it up this morning and weighed in at the same I weighed this time last month. 


I’ve had an okay-ish food month.  I’ve had a major sweet tooth during the two week period (which really doesn’t help with staying the same).  I am making an effort to make more healthy food choices.

I have managed to stay under 2000 calories quite easily most days but we had a takeaway a few times which took me over my limit.


I’ve done well with my water intake.  There have been a few days I’ve made my goal but most days I’ve just been close to target.


I love using the FitBit to track my movements.  Last week I made it out on 2 walks.  One was around 3 miles along the coastal path, the other was to the Castle (around 2 miles).

I’m averaging around 8000 steps a day still.


Me and sleep still aren’t getting on well.  I’m going to bed early most nights but I’m really restless.  Saturday night, I woke up a 4.50am and couldn’t get back to sleep… much to my annoyance.  I had slept for just 4 hours and 51 minutes.


My resting heart rate seems to have lowered over the last month.  I’m resting at 66bpm although my heart health is still around 24-28.  I don’t suppose it’s going to increase much until I start getting fitter.

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#FeelGoodLinky – January 2018

#FeelGoodLinky – January 2018

Hey hey!  After a bit of a break, The #FeelGoodLinky is back!  It’s been changed ever so slightly (but more about that at the end of the post!)

Since 2018 began, I’ve been making a conscious effort to get myself moving and some weight shifted. 

I acquired a Fitbit earlier in the month after my other one died a death.  It’s proved to be a great addition to my life.

What am I focusing on this year?


I’m not overly fussed about how much weight I lose this year.  I have lost 7lb this month and I’m happy with that. 

If I only lose 7lb a month, I’ll be happy with that. 🙂


This is the area I’m making bigger changes with this year.  I’m using the Fitbit app to track my calories.  I’m trying to stay under 2000 a day (which is actually proving to be quite easy!).  The Fitbit app also has a great feature that tells you what percentage of your daily calorie intake is either carbs, protein and fat.  🙂

Over the last few weeks I’ve eaten more eggs, meat and veg but I’m still struggling to lower my daily carb intake.  It’ll work itself out though I’m sure! 😀


I’ve been doing really well with water the last few weeks.  I drink a glass each time I go out to the kitchen.  It’s helped me no end.


I’m walking well over 8000 steps a day.  Although, I can’t say I’m working out yet.  Haha! My aim is to become more comfortable in myself and then I’ll start moving more.  Although, I’m trying now to be as active as possible.  I’m actually loving the 250 steps in an hour feature of my Fitbit.  It vibrates if I haven’t completed 250 steps by 10 minutes to the hour.  It’s a great feature that really does make sure I get up and move around a bit more.


It’s a well known fact that parents don’t get as much sleep as they should.  My average sleep length is less than 7 hours a night.  This is not good for me.  To be honest I feel like I need an extra hour but it’s just not happening. 

I’m going to try and aim for that 7 hours on average this month.


Now, I’m around 8st overweight, and not very fit to boot.  My heart health isn’t going to be considered great.  In fact, my cardio fitness, according to Fitbit, is 24-28, which is considered poor to fair.  This comes as no surprise but also gives me something to work on. I am always trying to improve myself.

So, there we have it…  This month’s update.  🙂

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The linky is open until 23.55 on 27th February. 

Link up as many as you want but please comment on other posts too.  🙂

A New Weight Loss Attack?

A New Weight Loss Attack?

It’s been almost a month since I rejoined Weight Watchers.  It hasn’t been the most successful of first months but I think that’s down to being a woman (if you get my drift).  The success this month has been NOT GAINING the usual half a stone I gain leading up to ‘that’ time of the month.  Being a woman sucks… a lot of the time.

Anyway, almost four weeks ago I made the big decision to go back to Weight Watchers.  It worked well for me four years ago… so why not now?

The time has actually passed really quickly.  I have enjoyed eating, choosing healthy options.  I have enjoyed drinking water and becoming more active.  (I’ve actually cleaned and organised my home to start!)

Week One

My first week was amazing!  I lost 4lb.  It was my biggest weekly loss in sometime.  It felt really easy and I enjoyed seeing the numbers on the scales. 

Week Two

I stayed the same during week 2.  It was a disappointing result but my sweet cravings kicked in and I really couldn’t control myself.  In the two weeks leading up to my period I bloat and crave sweet stuff.  It was partly my fault, partly nature’s fault.  I was more determined come week three.

Week Three

I successfully lost 1lb.  My period did put in an appearance on Saturday, I was on Day 3 for weigh in.  I’m going to keep up. 

Week Four

Here I am, half way through week four and I took a sneaky look at the scales.  It’s inspired me to keep going.  I’ve had a shoddy eating week though with lots of busy days.  Water for the win this week.  At the start of week four, I had

What I’ve been eating this month…

Here’s a quick selection of what I have been eating: