Christmas Craft – Reindeer Food

Christmas Craft – Reindeer Food

The magic of Christmas is all about the magic. This craft is a fun one for children of all ages and is so easy to do. 


Make some magic reindeer food to sprinkle in your garden on Christmas Eve for Father Christmas’ reindeer’s to find.

You will need:

  • Small plastic bag (food bags are perfect!)
  • Porridge oats
  • Tags printed onto card (click on the image to enlarge and then right click to download)
  • Glitter
  • Ribbon
  • Colouring pens/pencils

What you do:

  1. Place a small amount of porridge oats into the plastic bag and sprinkle some glitter in.
  2. Tie some ribbon around the top of the bag to seal and curl the ends.
  3. Colour in a tag and attach to the ribbon.
Advent Activities to do with your children

Advent Activities to do with your children

With Christmas just around the corner, I find myself thinking of activities to fill the Christmas Break… and the weekends leading up to Christmas.

Here are the 24 Christmas Activities in no particular order.

Visiting Santa

Some children love Santa, however I often think of the contradiction when visiting Santa.  We spend all year telling our young ones that they must NEVER EVER NEVER talk to strangers, and then Christmas comes and we’re shoving them on the lap of this random, fat guy in a red suit… Seriously?  Anyway, I digress…

A Christmas Party

Whether I throw one for my littlies friends, or take them to a mass organised party, every year we go to a Christmas party… another possible opportunity to see (a rather different looking) Santa and the opportunity to socialise.

Put the tree up

Don’t forget to add as many decorations as you want!  This is one of my favourite activities for Christmas!

Write the Christmas lists for Santa

Every year we spend an evening going through a toy shop catalogue and choose what we would like to be playing with after Christmas.  Boyo struggles, PP wants everything.

Remember the real reason we celebrate Christmas

Garreth is now old enough to understand why we celebrate Christmas, however I don’t do the whole Nativity crap; while it does feature in our Christmas discussion, we also talk about the fact that it isn’t actually Jesus’ birthday and that we only celebrate his birth in December because it was a Pagan celebration that the Church adopted to help the transition from Paganism to Christianity.

See a Pantomime

Growing up, Pantomimes were synonymous with Christmas for me.  This year we are going to see Robin Hood on Boxing Day!  See what your amateur panto group are performing!!!

Make mince pies

I love baking (here I go talking about the kitchen again), and making mince pies is a great activity to get the kiddies involved in and they can leave their homemade pies out for Santa… I’ll get my recipe up soon..

Go for a ‘Christmas Lights Tour’

I don’t know about your area, but already there are a fair few houses lit up with Christmas lights.  Wrap up warm, take a torch and wander around your local area looking for GREAT Christmas lights!

Make Reindeer Food

A really simple Christmas craft that will bring the magic of the nine tiny reindeer into your home… Scattered over the floor around the plate of mince pies and carrots, it excites my two no end.

Operation Christmas Child

This activity is really great to help children understand that there are children in the world who aren’t as fortunate as they are.  I take mine to choose relevant gifts to put in the shoebox and they learn to enjoy giving as much as I do.

Create a nativity scene

I know what I said earlier but there’s no escaping the nativity really.  This is an easy and simple nativity scene craft using empty toilet roll tubes.

Make pine cone trees

If you have pine cones to hand, the kids will love making pine cone Christmas trees with you.

Make Paper Chains

Some of my fondest Christmas memories are of making paper chains on a cold winter’s evening. All wrapped up warm with a cup of tea while making paper chains with the rest of my family.

Make a wreath

Whether it’s paper, or a proper one you could hang on your front door, it’s still a great activity for the children to be involved with.

Make a tree ornament

Who doesn’t love a good homemade tree decoration.  Here’s a selection of great craft ideas the children will enjoy and it can be their job to put it on the tree.

Make an angel

Making an angel to go on top of your Christmas tree is simple.  All you need is a few craft supplies and you can make a DIY angel tree topper.

Make Marshmallow Snowmen

This is a great cooking activity the children can be involved in for their very own Christmas party!

Sing some carols

Put a CD (or YouTube) on and dance and sing away!

Make Snowflakes

Making snowflakes used to be one of my favourite Christmas activities, alongside Paper chains… They are pretty and decorative!

Make some Reindeer

Another craft using the middle of a toilet roll.  This reindeer craft is another simple and fun craft for kids during the advent season.

Make some Christmas cards for special people

Christmas cards are always well received and if they are homemade even better!

Have an afternoon of Christmas films

This is our ultimate chill-out afternoon in the lead up to Christmas. There’s nothing better than getting the duvets down and cuddling under them.

Share the Christmas spirit

Wish Merry Christmas to everyone you meet, encourage your children to do the same.  It’ll make people smile even if they don’t celebrate.

Read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’

Another HUGE tradition in our house.  I grew up with my parents reading it to us on Christmas Eve… and I want my children to have the same.

24 Christmas Activities for Children