Christmas Gift Guide – Brilliant Books for Children

Christmas Gift Guide – Brilliant Books for Children

Here’s for another edition of this year’s Christmas Gift Guide.  This time we’re talking about brilliant books for kids. My children love a good book and books are an absolutely brilliant gifts to give at Christmas. 🙂

Diary of a Wimpy Kid – The Getaway

An image of the cover of Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Getaway

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid books are huge hits in our house.  We really do love them.  The films are fab too and it was the film Dog Days that first introduced us to the stories. 

The newest DoaWK adventure is out now.  The thing I love about the Heffleys is that their best laid plans always seem to go awry.  In this adventure they plan a holiday to escape the stress of Christmas.  Naturally, it doesn’t go to plan and they all end up far more stressed than they would have had they stayed home. 

You can buy Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Getaway from Amazon.




My Golden Ticket

My Golden Ticket is a fantastic collaboration between Wonderbly and Roald Dahl. 

The personalisation of the story is super brilliant and no two stories are the same! 

Join in with the adventure, from finding your golden ticket, through a tour of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory before finally creating your very own sweet treat. 

I have written a full review of My Golden Ticket on the blog.  You can even win your own personalised copy.

The Christmasaurus

A banner of Tom Fletcher's book, The Christmasaurus.Seren has just acquired this book.  She is beginning to really love reading and when I told her she could choose a book rather than a toy she picked up Tom Fletcher’s The Christmasaurus. 

All I knew about the book is who wrote it.  It looks amazing though. 

Heading off on a Christmas Eve adventure with William Trundle, Santa and a Dinosaur is sure to set your imagination into action.

You can buy The Christmasaurus by clicking here.

Where’s Macsen?

We really love personalised books.   This beautiful personalised Christmas story featuring your own child is a truly lovely story of the mischievousness of Christmas morning.

Your child can go on their own little adventure around the house doing things they really shouldn’t.  Better still they can see their face in the book.

Children’s meditations – In my heart

The cover image of 'Children's meditations In my Heart'

We were sent this book to review and instantly I was struck by the beautiful, relaxing cover. 

Written by Danish author, Gitte Winter Graugaard, the heart of the book is a love of time together.

And with Denmark being the world’s happiest country, surely it’s no surprise that Children’s meditations In my heart is such a popular bedtime book.  We’re all striving to achieve what Denmark already has. 

Gitte’s book is quickly becoming a firm bedtime favourite in our house. 

You can buy the book here.

From 1 to 10 with Enfys and From A to Z with Enfys

This Early Learning bundle from is the perfect gift for your pre-schooler this Christmas.  Not only is it personalised with your child’s name (which isn’t Enfys) but your child’s face can feature on most pages within the books.

We love them.  They provide Enfys with a truly unique learning experience and she just loves to turn the pages to see the next counting and alphabet adventure.


Christmas Gift Guide – Top 10 Gifts for Foodies – Shortlist

Christmas Gift Guide – Top 10 Gifts for Foodies – Shortlist

These products have all been included in the ‘Top 10 Gifts for Foodies’ Shortlist.

top 10 foodies 1With Christmas less than 10 weeks away it’s time to start getting those Christmas presents sorted.  As it stands I’m gathering together my short list ready to announce the Top 10 Gifts for Foodies this Christmas.

Cherry Good Juice Drink

cherry-good-originalCherry Good is a lovely addition to a hamper this Christmas.  Made with Montmorency cherries, Cherry Good juice is ideal for a family hamper. Healthy and nutritious there are plenty of ways to drink the juice with fun recipes from the website. It is super fruity and the children will love it.

There are plenty of yummy recipes available to try out on the Cherry Good website including cocktails, desserts and chutneys.

Cherry Good is available from most supermarkets and is priced around £1.50 for 1 litre.

Raisthorpe Manor 9ct Shimmering Vodkas

raisthorpeOooh, I am not a vodka drinker but these shimmering vodkas from Raisthorpe Manor have taken my fancy.  They are available in 2 incredible flavours:  Blood Orange and Toffee & Caramel.  Not only do they taste amazing but they look amazing too.  This is thanks to the real edible gold inside.

These shimmering vodkas are available from and cost £24.95 each. 

Shloer Celebration

Shloer-Celebration-Pink-Fizz_productIt’s always a good idea to include a non-alcoholic beverage for those tea-totallers around us.  Shloer Celebration provides just that.

Shloer Celebration has recently undergone a makeover and with the popping cork it is a fantastic alternative to a bottle of bubbly.  Despite its new look it is packed with the same great taste that we all know and love.

Shloer Celebration is available from most supermarkets and costs £2.99.

The Snaffling Pig Co. Pork Crackling

snafflingWho loves a good munch on some pork crackling?  If you know someone who does, then why not treat them to some yummy pork crackling from The Snaffling Pig Co. 

It tastes ‘amazing’ (according to the hubby who has eaten most of the jar).  I haven’t actually gotten around to trying it yet.

Available in high quality gift jars the pork crackling is perfect as a different gift for the foodie in your life this Christmas.

With a number of different gift options to choose from there is something for everyone.

Gifting Jars cost £15.99 for 350g
Festive Flavoured Gifting Jars (Sage & Onion and Pigs in Blankets) cost £15.99 for 350g

Christmas Gift Guide 2014 – Gifts for Him & Her

Christmas Gift Guide 2014 – Gifts for Him & Her

I have already posted plenty of Christmas gift suggestions but if it still isn’t enough, here are a few more.

Tartan Blanket Co.


The Tartan Blanket Co. offers a huge variety of gifts whatever your taste in tartan.

We received a lovely clan tartan scarf to try out. It is gorgeously soft and made from pure new wool. The scarf is certainly going to keep hubby warm this winter. Not only do you get a scarf in the tartan of your chosen clan, but you receive a short history of the clan. It really is the perfect gift for anyone who is proud of their family roots.

The Tartan Blanket Co. range isn’t restricted to just scarves though. They have a huge range of tartan blankets too; as well as a choice of New Wool, Lambswool and Cashmere materials. They all make fantastic gifts for him or her this Christmas.

Gift Ideas from Bronnley


Smellies are a must at Christmas and Bronnley offer a gorgeously scented range of gift ideas perfect for any recipient from your granny to your cousin. All Bronnley gift sets smell heavenly and will certainly be appreciated this Christmas.

The Red Berry & Wild Blossom Soap Collection is a beautiful blend of fruit and blossom fragranced soap. It is a real winter fragrance and will be appreciated by all. The Red Berry & Wild Blossom Soap also comes in a single soap pack.

For a true festive scent try the Heritage Red Christmas Tree Soap Box – Apple & Cinnamon. Don’t take my word for it, but it really does smell incredible.

The Milk Soap Company Soap Sets


I’ve already mentioned a The Milk Soap Company’s Shaving Gift Set for him, but this is now a gift for her. The gorgeous Pink Luxury Three Milk Soap Gift Set, from Elsie & Fleur, is made from the milk of Jersey Cross Cows and delicately scented and it is completely free of all nasties that are generally found in off-the-shelf products.  Because of this, they are gentle on skin and contain softening qualities.

The three gorgeous scents are Lavender, Palmarosa & Sweet Orange and Sweet Orange & Spearmint. They are absolutely gorgeous and perfect for your granny (or really anyone else who appreciates delicately scented soaps.

Christmas Gift Guide 2014 – Woolovers Knitwear

Christmas Gift Guide 2014 – Woolovers Knitwear

Winter… it’s all about the warm and cosy jumpers. It is all about wrapping up warm to brave the cold weather outside. Jumpers also make perfect Christmas gifts… Here are a few gift ideas from Woolovers.

For Her

M24_Cream_Lifestyle_Hires_Lifestyle_enlargedI love jumpers, particularly jumper dresses. This Lambswool Polo Jumper Dress is right up my street. Made from pure lambswool, it is guaranteed to be warm yet comfortable. It is also available in a variety of colours, meaning one of each colour and my winter wardrobe is complete. I particularly love the Cream one but would not turn down the grey marl, navy or wine colours!

M14_Rich_Rose_roll_hiresOr how about the Lambswool Short Sleeved Jumper? With its sort sleeves, this jumper is ideal for layering (apparently layering is very fashionable at the moment). It is also available in a great selection of different colours – my favourite is definitely the blueberry but then I also love the rich rose colour. I would be delighted to find this under the tree and addressed to me this year!

For Him

N21_Pea_Male_Lifestyle_Hires_hiresNow, I know most men are not really fans of jumpers (I am sure my hubby would wonder if I was feeling ok buying him a jumper) but this Unisex Lambswool Hooded Cardigan is not your regular jumper. The fact that I could get away with wearing it is an added bonus and being made from pure lambswool it is super snuggly and warm. Available in many different colours there is certainly something for all tastes.

L4_Dark_Kingfisher_roll_hires_menMaybe your man would appreciate this Lambswool Slipover more than a jumper. It is soft and durable pure lambswool and ideal for those afternoons at the golf course. Alternatively, if your man doesn’t play golf it can be worn for any activity or just to keep you warm. It is available in a variety of fantastic colours and is perfect for layering.

Christmas Gift Guide 2014 – Family Fun with Board Games

Christmas Gift Guide 2014 – Family Fun with Board Games

Christmas is a time for family evenings and snuggles on the sofa. So, what do you do on those evenings?

Last year we played board games; Monopoly, Game of Life, Caption It, Lego Creationary to name a few that we played. Each game was in the Christmas present pile. So which games should be on the wish list this Christmas?



First off, I’m going to start with one for the adults. Accentuate, aimed at everyone aged 16+, promises to deliver the gift of awkward this Christmas. Based around “The Fun of Accents”, the game is sure to deliver a hint of hilarity and many blushing faces around the games table.


Players are expected (although maybe this isn’t the right word) to mimic 30 different accents from around the world including 10 dialects from the UK.   Simply pick an Accent Card and a Quotation Card, and then you have 30 short seconds to gather your head and utter your quote in the accent given.

Hubby and I gave this game a go in secret, just the two of us. I only wish I had thought to record it… it was absolutely hilarious. The only accent I can successfully pull of is the Welsh one… because well, I’m Welsh. Hubby fairs slightly better than me. It was very funny and I look forward to taking it to my parents and grandparents over Christmas.

Accentuate is a must have for any fun-loving adult.

Who Put the Marmite in the Fridge?

No, I haven’t really found the Marmite in the Fridge… we don’t even have Marmite in the house! This is a game for the young and the old, anyone aged 6+ can play it. Who Put the Marmite in the Fridge? is a twist on the classic pairs card game. Simple enough for your children to play alone or with you; simply match up the grocery items but don’t be left holding the odd jar of Marmite in the deck.


Boyo and Princess Pants had a little play of this game in between Lego Club and Cubs last week. It provided a great filler to keep them entertained. The pack is even small enough to fill a stocking with. They were able to play unguided and although the game is designed for 6+ years… almost 5 year old Princess Pants was able to play with ease after some explaining.

You Cannae Push Yer Granny off the Bus

Why would you want to push your Granny off the bus to start with? You Cannae Push Yer Granny off the Bus is set to become a firm favourite this year with cartoon comedy and hilarious methods of attack and defence.


Anyone over the age of 6 can battle it out in an attempt to push the other players Grannies off the bus with hatpins, pension books and ankle-biting lapdogs, while they defend themselves with shopping trolleys and woolly tights.

Boyo and Princess Pants loved this game and it provided us with quite a few giggles. We thoroughly enjoyed playing the game together and they also enjoyed playing it alone too. It is easy to set up and understand and hilarity will certainly ensue once gameplay commences!