The A-Z of Me – B is for Blog

The A-Z of Me – B is for Blog

A while back I started the A-Z of me… I started with A is for Additional Needs.  Today, it’s time for B is for Blog. 

So, what can I say about my blog? 

To start, I haven’t always been Beth in a Box.  I’ve had a number of different blogs over the last 8.5 years of blogging. 

Diary of a Scatty Mammy

My first ever blog was started in August 2009.  It was on Blogger.  I called it ‘Diary of a Scatty Mammy’.  Then I read the definition of Scatty on the Urban Dictionary.  I didn’t like it. 

My Good Life

My second blog of note was My Good Life.  It was around April 2010 and I ventured into the world of self-hosting.  I wanted the ability to do more with my blog.  But I still really didn’t understand it.  In June of the same year I met my bestie, Sim of Sim’s Life.  She was still SFR at the time.  We became good friends and shared many opportunities.  We actually met for the first time at CyberMummy in June 2011.  We’ve met each other several times since then and speak on the phone almost every day.

In late 2011, I took a break from blogging, only to start back up in November 2012.

The Musing Housewife

November 2012 and I started The Musing Housewife.  I was Mum of 2, a part time student, and planning my wedding.

The Musing Housewife gave me so many great experiences.  We worked with the National Trust on their 50 things campaign between April 2013 and June 2013.  It was an incredible experience. 

The Musing Housewife saw the huge Wedding Weight Loss Challenge… and the start of my pregnancy with Macsen and the start of my pregnancy with Enfys.

I’ve taken many breaks… but in April 2015, my heart and soul needed a reboot. I felt uninspired by The Musing Housewife.  I was fed up of being in such a limited niche.  I wanted the scope to expand my topics.

Beth in a Box

I spent weeks planning my move to Beth in a Box.  I secured all the accounts and the domain.  I transferred everything over.  It went well.

And that brings me to the here and now.

Beth in a Box is an evolving work of art.  Things aren’t perfect with it right now and things do change regularly.  However, it gives me the scope to talk about anything and everything I want to talk about.  🙂

I can’t tell you where Beth in a Box will be in 5 years time, I can’t even tell you where it will be next month… but as time progresses, so will I!

The A-Z of me – A is for Additional Needs

The A-Z of me – A is for Additional Needs

It was #Blogtober17 that first gave me the idea of an A-Z of me series.  For day one, I wrote the ‘A to Z of me’.  I figure that now is a good time to come back to it and expand on the things for A to Z that make me, well, me. 

A is for Additional Needs

There could be so much more to expand on but most who read regularly will know that my life heavily revolves around additional needs.  Macsen has a speech delay.  Enfys has 22q and with it hypermobility, global development delay, a compromised immune system.  Anwen has funny kidneys.

Macsen’s Speech Delay

Macsen’s speech delay is typical of dyspraxia.  He’s 3 and often can’t make the sounds to form words.  We have recently completed another development assessment with the health visitor.   The results were astonishing.  He has no additional needs other than his speech delay

In most areas of development he is at the level of a 48 month old (4 years).  He is 42 months.  His speech development is at 36 months.  I’m over the moon about a 6 month delay because back in January that delay was 19 months.  In March, when he started speech and language therapy, it was probably larger again. 

I am super proud of my boy.

Enfys and 22q

Enfys has a global development delay. This affects speech, motor skills, social skills and personal skills.  She’s a quiet child who is more into herself than most 2 year olds.  She’s roughly 6-12 months behind where she should be.  It’s so rewarding when she achieves something, even if she is doing it 6 months behind similar aged peers.

When she was first diagnosed with 22q, we were told that nobody knew what to expect.  We didn’t know if she would walk (she did at 25 months); we didn’t know if she would climb (she does, well!).   22q is a spectrum disorder… there is no correlation of the severity of the symptoms a sufferer can experience.

Hypermobility is Enfys’ biggest problem at the moment.

Her ankles are unstable therefore her knees, hips and everything else are unstable.  Walking for Enfys is like us walking on floating rubber mats wearing stilettos.  It is hard work!

Anwen and Crossed Fused Renal Ectopia

Anwen’s kidneys aren’t really considered additional needs but they do make her a little bit more special.  I’ve written more about her special kidneys here

#Blogtober17 – Unusual Crushes

#Blogtober17 – Unusual Crushes

I don’t really have any crushes let alone unusual ones.  You could say that I have characters that intrigue and fascinate me.  But I honestly can’t say I have unusual crushes.  These are the 5 characters/actors that fascinate me.

Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins in The Silence of the Lambs)

I’ve always been compelled by psychopathy and other personality disorders.  I love learning about what makes a psychopath tick.  I would have loved to become a criminal psychologist but I don’t think I would be able to detach myself enough now I’m a Mum.  The character of Hannibal Lecter is brilliant, a psychiatrist and a violent psychopath.  Anthony Hopkins’ portrayal of him is right on the money and just increases my intrigue even more.

Morgan Freeman (in any film you can think of with him in it!)

If Morgan Freeman appears ANYWHERE in the credits I’m very likely going to watch it. I don’t crush on him, I simply love to listen to his voice.  I’m sure that if he was to sit next to my bed and read the telephone book to me, I’d be relaxed all the time. 

William Wallace (Mel Gibson in Braveheart)

Every girl loves a hero doesn’t she?  Especially a hero who would sacrifice himself for his cause.  I will be honest though, I could have done without him being killed at the end.  He’s a rough and ready character and most certainly a ladies man.

Dr Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler in Criminal Minds)

Oh, I love the awkward genius in Criminal Minds.  He’s a character that just makes me want to know him personally.  He’s easy on the eye too.  His mother is a paranoid schizophrenic and he worries constantly that he has inherited this. Dr Spencer Reid is awkward but brilliant.

Ioan Gruffudd (Horatio Hornblower in Hornblower & Andrew Earlham in Liar)

I thought I’d better put his name before his characters because if there’s any celebrity I have a crush on, it’s Ioan Gruffudd.  He’s just amazing and I love his Welsh accent.  His recent role as Andrew Earlham in Liar really had me fooled (I’m actually just catching up on it!).  It still doesn’t make me like Ioan any less but the character is kind of shady. 

Project 365 – Days 13-19!

Project 365 – Days 13-19!

days 13-19
Day 13 – Minted Lamb Casserole – Nom Nom Nom!

Day 14 – A fully stocked fridge! 😀

Day 15 – A sign… in a University… Really?

Day 16 – A happy Princess Pants after Meithrin.

Day 17 – Italian Meatballs… Yummy!

Day 18 – Playing in the snow!  Squeeeeee!

Day 19 – Building a snowman with Daddy! 😀

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