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    The A-Z of Me – B is for Blog

    A while back I started the A-Z of me… I started with A is for Additional Needs.  Today, it’s time for B is for Blog.  So, what can I say about my blog?  To start, I haven’t always been Beth…

  • Unusual Crushes
    Just Me

    #Blogtober17 – Unusual Crushes

    I don’t really have any crushes let alone unusual ones.  You could say that I have characters that intrigue and fascinate me.  But I honestly can’t say I have unusual crushes.  These are the 5 characters/actors that fascinate me. Hannibal…

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    Project 365 – Days 13-19!

    Day 13 – Minted Lamb Casserole – Nom Nom Nom! Day 14 – A fully stocked fridge! 😀 Day 15 – A sign… in a University… Really? Day 16 – A happy Princess Pants after Meithrin. Day 17 – Italian…