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Me (Beth)

My real life began 12 years ago when Garreth arrived; before then I frequented more pubs than I care to think about and partied hard.  Garreth’s arrival straightened me out somewhat and getting drunk became a thing of the past.

I am now a wife to Jim and Mum to Garreth, Seren, Macsen, Enfys & Anwen.

My friends would probably describe me as… well, I’m not actually sure because I’ve never thought to ask them.  I would describe myself as very loyal, slightly crazy, a little lazy but in the whole a genuine person.


I met Jim in 2008 and met him at the end of the aisle to secure the ball and chain tie the knot at 3pm on 14th September 2013.  He has recently started a new job for local government.

He can be a bit of a petrol head; he loves fast cars that look good.  We actually met because we both had MK3 Astra’s (although his was far superior to mine).  While his love of cars can drive me mad (they cost a fortune) I accept they are his hobby.


Garreth was born in 2005 weighing 7lb 3oz.  He is an intelligent and sociable 12 year old.  He is gentle and loving but can give the attitude on occasions.  He is ambitious and dreams of becoming a Computer Game Developer when he grows up.  He can normally be found surrounded by technology and creating his very own videos for his YouTube channel.  He is a real family person and he adores his younger siblings even if they do get on his nerves on times.  I can’t imagine him ever being an only child.


Seren put in an appearance in 2009 and weighed in at 9lb 1oz.  At 7.5, she lives up to her name and is the real star of our family.  She is high maintenance and a real diva with a cheeky side.  That being said, her heart is with her family and she loves her brothers more than I can tell you.  She also has her rough and ready side and has recently joined the Football team at her school.


Macsen was going to be our baby for quite some time after his arrival in 2014, weighing 8lb 7oz.  However, that was obviously not meant to be.  We had a bumpy start to his life with breastfeeding problems and PND but we survived.  He’s a fun-loving, outdoor-loving 3 year old, who laughs at everyone and eats everything in sight.  He’s still not talking but attends weekly speech and language appointments.  He’s a happy chappy who melts the hearts of everyone he meets. 


Enfys is Welsh for Rainbow and she is our Rainbow.  She arrived by emergency caesarian section after quite a scary experience in August 2015.  She was 11 days early and surprised us all weighing in at 7lb 3.5oz.  She was diagnosed with a large Doubly Committed VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect) and had Open Heart Surgery on 23rd December 2015.  She spent 3 of her first 6 months in hospital and was diagnosed with DiGeorge Syndrome (22q11.2DS) in January 2016.  She has development delays and isn’t walking but has achieved everything she needs to in her own time.


Anwen was born in May 2017.  She is our surprise baby and, after everything with Enfys, she is heart healthy.  She was born by emergency section after a rather serious placental abruption.  It’s quite humbling to think that we both could have died but, thanks to the emergency services and our NHS, we’re both here.  She most definitely is the final piece of our puzzle. 

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