Taking care of myself in 2020

Taking care of myself in 2020

I have been here before… Starting the new year with a promise to lose weight, become healthy, blah blah blah… If 2019 taught me anything, it’s that you can’t expect to ‘just’ lose weight and become healthy because they are directly connected with my overall wellness.  I feel that 2019 was a year of laying foundations and most of it stuck… I ended the year over 40lb lighter than I started it.  It would have been better had I not dropped the ball entirely between September and December. 

Over the next 12 months, I’m looking to continue improving on the foundations I laid in 2019.  Not just the weight loss, but every area of my wellbeing.  It’s surprising how things just fall into place when I look after myself and even more surprising that I forget how good looking after myself is.

I intend to take time out for me and NOT apologise for it. 

Life as a single mum can be tough.  It’s relentless, because you are the only one who can keep the ship free from mutiny.  Ok, it’s not always that serious but it can come close.  Some days I feel entirely ‘touched out’, overstimulated, and just generally in need of some serious me time to maintain my mental balance.

This me time is often something as simple as a stomp along the coastal path or through the woods. Reading, writing, listening to music.  They all help to restore the balance.

I want to get to grips with the emotional baggage.

A constant pattern throughout my life has been to suppress any emotion I judge to be negative.  To berate myself for being human enough to feel a negative emotion.  In truth, I then get stuck in an eternal feedback loop from hell

I would love to do some serious work on this and, to use a crappy cliché, learn to love myself.  Really, it’s much simpler than this, I simply want to be more accepting of my negative emotions and accept that I am, just like everyone else, human.

This emotional baggage is directly linked to my weight and relationship with food.  I did make some headway in 2019, but still fall into old patterns.


I will strive for a healthier body.

This one can’t be achieved without the first two.  My relationship with food cannot be improved without taking time for me and understanding why I make the choices I do. 

It’s not just about what I eat but what I do… how active I am.  And getting more active is a priority.

This year I would like to lose at least 50lb to add to everything I have already lost.  My body is a longer-term project, I don’t want to be a yo-yo dieter anymore, I want to lose the weight and keep it off.  Long-term leads to sustainability. 

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