Can a health coach help me?

Can a health coach help me?

Losing weight isn’t just about the physical act of losing weight.  It’s about the whole package.  I find if I take care of my mental well-being, the physical stuff just seems to fall into place too.  Could a health coach help with this?

Over the last few months I’ve dropped the ball and it’s made me realise that I haven’t really made the sustainable changes I need to make.  The small things are helping because I haven’t immediately gained all the weight back.  It does make me realise it is time for something a little more, well, sustainable.

Yesterday, an idea that had been floating around was caught and grounded.  I have been toying with contacting a personal trainer/weight loss coach type thing for a few months.  I hadn’t really given a huge amount of thought to the idea. However, when an opportunity presented itself, I found myself sending a message before I considering what I was doing.

As a result of the brief Facebook conversation I’m now anticipating (and quietly excited about) a face to face meeting with a health coach on Monday. 

I don’t expect a miracle cure – I’ve been around long enough to know that you don’t get results without putting in the effort.  I’m looking forward to the non-judgemental accountability from someone who really knows her stuff. 

Overall, I’ve had a good week, but I haven’t lost as much weight as I would have liked.  But 0.5lb off is 0.5lb off… And it’s not 0.5lb on, is it?

Over this next week, I’m aiming to prepare for the consultation with the health coach and then we’ll figure out what comes next.  Oh, and I’ll continue following the Weight Watchers plan for the time being.

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