Garden Makeover: Low Maintenance But High Amounts Of Fun

Garden Makeover: Low Maintenance But High Amounts Of Fun

A family that’s growing needs a place where everyone, not just the children can go and release their tensions and unspent energy. Hence why we love the garden so much because it’s not just a place to relax and enjoy the sun in the summer. It’s also a place to have fun and play games without the need to go out to the park or elsewhere. However we’ve all got different sizes of garden, different status and health. Some of our gardens might only be half lawn while the rest is a stone slabs, or a pebble driveway. The challenge then becomes how can you transform a boring garden into something that’s going to allow all the family members to enjoy it? The other supplemental question is, can you keep costs down? Changing the garden is one thing but maintaining it is another. You don’t want your garden of fun to keep changing every season, at least not drastically. Essentially, you should aim to keep it low maintenance so it can stay functional all year round.

Level the playing field

Firstly you need to even the field, literally. To start, take away your old natural lawn and topsoil, and simply replace it with artificial grass. It’s not coarse or made out of tough fibers either so don’t worry about it being uncomfortable to sit on or perhaps slide on if you’re an exuberant child. What happens when they fit it is, they make sure the surface is as smooth and even as possible. This means taking out the lumps in your lawn that have always been a pain to mow over. Once the artificial lawn is in place, now you can set up all your games without worrying about ending up covered in mud.

A team on team sport

One of the easiest games to play and have fun as a family is, bowling. It doesn’t take a lot of skill and nor does it cost a lot to buy your own equipment. Outdoor bowling equipment is meant for garden as the ball and the pins are lighter. These stand a much less chance of causing injury. Now that you have an even surface, your pins won’t be falling over by themselves. You can also bowl straight and true so you can have team games. Maybe the dad and the son, square off against the mother and the daughter one weekend.

What’s your handicap?

The added benefit of having an artificial lawn is you also get to play a little bit of golf right at home. Putting greens use artificial lawn to give pro players a space to learn their art. You can set up your own game of putting at home. On the other hand, you can put your own objects in the way of the hole and have a round of crazy golf instead.

Changing up the garden so that it becomes more family fun oriented isn’t that difficult. Firstly you need to swap out the grass for something more forgiving like an artificial lawn. After this you can set up games of bowling, crazy golf or perhaps an outdoor version of jenga.