In search of a level 10 life?

In search of a level 10 life?

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As the last 12 months have passed, I have made significant improvements in my life and how I see myself, however I also understand that self-development never ends.  Currently, I have limitations on my time that dictate which improvements I can make.  But I would like to develop all aspects of myself and my life further over time.

A few weeks ago while looking at self-development planners, I came across something called Level 10 Life.  I believe it’s a concept that has been adapted throughout the self-development world that was popularised by Hal Elrod in his The Miracle Morning.  I came across it here most recently.

When I initially came across it last year, I brushed it of as a bit of a ‘trendy fad’ but maybe I was being too cynical (and quick to judge). I mean, it has obviously inspired something in me – I’ve currently writing about it. 

The image contains the quote "at the end of the day who you are is completely up to you"

What is Level 10 Life?

The idea of the Level 10 Life is to look at ten different areas of your life and give them a score out of ten.  It’s important not to umm and arr about… just make a gut judgement (I’ll come back to the word ‘judgement’ later in the post.)

Importantly, for me, it’s doesn’t appear to be a full-on happiness tracker… it could simply be a tool to help figure out exactly where the most attention is required. 

The areas are (I have adjusted them slightly to make them more meaningful to me):

  1. Relationship
  2. Family & Friends
  3. Spirituality
  4. Health & Fitness
  5. Hobbies and Creativity
  6. Business
  7. Finances
  8. Personal Development
  9. Giving & Contribution
  10. Physical Environment

An example of my level 10 life chart in my planner

It was a great exercise for me to work out which areas of my life I consider to be unsatisfactory.  However, I’m not naïve enough to think that mastering these areas will make, and keep, me happy.  If we do believe it will then we’ve sort of missed the point because “life is apparently nothing but bobbing up and down and around  our level-seven happiness” according to Mark Manson in Everything is Fucked.  Yes, things make us happy (level 10) or sad (level 2/3) but we soon revert to our comfortable level 7 lives.

The biggest issue I have had with the concept of the Level 10 life is that I’m making a judgement call and judging is a standard, but often shitty, human thing to do.  Everyone is guilty of making judgement calls and being negative about people. We are constantly being told that we shouldn’t judge ourselves and other so harshly etc, however the level 10 life is based on judging ourselves and our lives.  I’m sure that if you are bobbing around that comfortable level seven it is an effective way to work out where to channel your energy.  However, I’m not certain it will do you any favours if you’re at the extremes.

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