It’s never easy admitting that you need to actually take something like weight loss seriously.  Getting lost in complacency happens though.  

For the last 8 months I have been gradually losing weight.  In fact, by June I had lost 42lb (that’s 3 stone).  I was delighted.  Really proud of myself.  But, that’s as far as it went.  

Giving up smoking

I gave up smoking on the 1st July.  Completely.  No vaping, no replacement products (after the first 5 days), nothing and throughout the month I felt my weight was creeping back up again.  However, I didn’t feel ready to acknowledge it at the time, still giving the quitting smoking my all.  I buried my head in the sand before thinking that it was okay, because it would all come off again soon… 

It didn’t, and last weekend the scales told me I had put 7lb on.  It may not sound like a great deal, but it was 1/6 of my total weight loss and enough to make me realise that I have to take this shit seriously.  

Last Sunday, I signed up to Weight Watchers, 6 years and 8 months after my first sign up and told myself I WILL crack this.  I WILL lose the weight. 

Jan 2019 (20st 2.4) vs Aug 2019 (18st 2.7)

The First Week

This last 5 days have been great.  Signing up to Weight Watchers again seems to have given me back my motivation.  And I’m steaming ahead of where I was 7 days ago.  

I’ve tracked every item of food and drink that has passed through my lips and I have made myself accountable for each and every Smart Point I have eaten.  

I have attempted to snack on fruit, if needed, while looking at which options are the better ones.  It’s been a challenge in some ways but not in others.

The Biggest Challenges

There have been several challenges I have faced this week.  

  1. It was Garreth’s birthday on Tuesday and he likes chocolate cake (and yes, I did eat some of the delicious 8SP per 43g Galaxy Ripple Cake.)
  2. Wednesday, I visited my Bampy.  The person who insists on feeding me like I am starving and putting sugar in my tea… (I turned down the custard cream and he did notice that I’ve lost weight overall).
  3. Yesterday, I took the youngest four to McDonalds after promising them earlier in the week.  (I took a yummy, homemade, 6SP Couscous Salad with me.)
  4. I’m going away tonight but I have made some 1SP and 0SP egg muffin type things to take with me. 🙂

Food and Exercise

I didn’t stay within my daily points (32) every day this week, but I didn’t use all of my weekly points either (42).  

Exercise wise, I earned 57 FitPoints with 46,130 steps and 97 active minutes. 

That’s a big step forward for me… I have made a point of doing a 15 minute beginner cardio workout in the mornings and I’ve been for a few nice walks this week too. 

This week’s Weight Loss

Yes!  Yes, I did!  This week I lost 6.5lb.  

I could be disappointed that I didn’t make the 7lb but it’s only been 5 full days. 

Current Weight: 18st 2.7lb
Current BMI: 39.9
Weight Lost this week: 6.5lb
Total weight lost: 3st 2.3lb


Next week’s goal

I would dearly dearly love to be in the 17 stone bracket next week.  Even if that means I’m 17st 13.9lb… I would just love to be there.