5 things to remember when trying to lose weight

5 things to remember when trying to lose weight

This week I decided to put some space between my weigh in and writing this post. And, I am glad I did. 

After standing on the scales Friday morning I felt serious weigh-in day disappointment. Not because I had gained weight – nor had I even stayed the same – no, my disappointment came from not having lost as much weight as I wanted to…  I can’t explain it nor justify it any better. It really was a case of a disappointed ego.

Today, though, I feel more positive about it, and realise that a loss is still a loss… and in the right direction.

Ask anyone who has ever lost a significant amount of weight if they consistently lost weight each week for the entirety of their journey. They would probably say no. Some weeks, some days are better than others.

5 things to remember when trying to lose weight

I don’t claim to be an expert, but I have spent a fair bit of my adult life and I have found a few things that have helped (and hindered) my journeys.

  1. Plan, Plan, and plan again...
    Try not to become complacent. I have found I have much more success if I plan my meals. Meal planning means that I know how many points I have to play with and if I can have that unexpected treat or even if I need to add something into my diet in the evening. And to add to this – DON’T plan meals or shop when hungry.
  1. Get moving
    Do you normally make an effort to take a few extra steps in a day?  I’m not the most active of people – exercise has never really been my thing but making the effort to be active for just 15 extra minutes a day has had a positive impact.  It doesn’t have to be every day either. I try to make 5 days a week.
  1. Weigh and measure. and take photographs
    It’s always nice to have several comparison methods for your weight loss journey. In my mind, it’s just as important to have photographs of the beginning as it is to have the weights and measurements – direct companions rock.
  1. Don’t get too hung up on what the scales say 
    This is probably the most important. It can be so disheartening to see the scales more slowly or not at all, especially when you have been on plan all week.
    However, that doesn’t mean your hard work isn’t paying off. Some weeks the scales may not move at all, but the inches may be working their way off.
  1. Think long-term
    You didn’t get overweight overnight. Many of us have spent years gaining the weight. The reality is that it can often take just as long to come off. The slower the rate of loss the more likely it is to stay off and the better it is for your body. however, none of us are particularly happy with thinking long term. It’s common to hear that 0.5-2lb a week loss is a good rate.

What did I lose this week?

Current weight: 18st 1.1lb
Current BM1: 39.7
Weight Loss this week: -1.66lb
Total weight lost: 3st 3.9lb

This week’s goal

I didn’t reach last week’s goal so I am keeping this week’s goal to getting under 18st.