Past-Lives – Is there a connection?

Past-Lives – Is there a connection?

I have always been curious about past-lives and intrigued by stories of people who claim to remember the previous lives they have lived. I have read such stories with a cynical view. It’s the age-old ‘well, if it hasn’t happened to me, how do I know it really exists?” thing.

An affinity to the past

I have, however, always felt more of an affinity with the past than I have with the present. For as long as I can remember, I have been more comfortable reading about historical periods than current affairs. I am more content reading a newspaper printed two centuries ago than I am reading one that is printed today. (And it has little to do with the ‘news’ that is often reported on modern news channels).

In my mind I have always had an inclination that I have ‘been around before’, as my Nan used to say. Although I have never really given myself free reign to run with the idea.

However, since C appeared in my life, I have allowed myself to explore the possibility with less cynicism. I have spent time reading evidence for – and against – all aspects of past lives, soul mates and the like. I have pondered it all and am still bemused by much of it.

Are past-lives really a thing?

Honestly? I am no closer to physical evidence of past-lives – after all, if we were supposed to remember and understand it all then we would be born with the knowledge and there would be much more than mostly anecdotal evidence.

What I do have, though, is my belief. A belief that is intrinsically connected to my relationship with C, and the ‘visions’ I have had since meeting him.

There is one in particular that keeps occurring and I am not certain if it is a dream, a vision, or something else. In the time I have known C, aspects of it have become clearer while others have appeared to fade. I feel certain, though, that the people in it are us.

Making sense of it all

I feel a connection to C from a time long passed and, knowing that we have not previously met in this life, the only other options left to explore are those there are little physical and irrefutable evidence for.

Learning and understanding this takes time and I am working on it. It’s unlikely I will in the near future and all I can do is open my eyes, my heart, and my mind to all the possibilities there may be.