Ways To Embrace The Cold (And Why It’s Good For Us)

Ways To Embrace The Cold (And Why It’s Good For Us)


We’ve grown up to believe the cold to be bad for us. During the winter, we stay trapped inside our home, wrapping up our kids, and panicking about getting the flu if we accidentally turn the tap too cold! But amazingly, the cold is actually good for us! We shouldn’t fear the cold as much as we should, and during these winter months, we could actually get some benefits. So what are these, and how can we learn to embrace the cold?

The Benefits Of The Cold

Yes, it can feel miserable, but there are numerous benefits to being exposed to the cold. It can help you lose weight, it can help you sleep better, and it can even improve the immune system. Being exposed to the cold increases the number of white blood cells in your body which fights infection. When you get run down, the temptation can be to wrap up warm. And, while we need some form of warmth in our body, if you can have a quick cold shower to help stimulate the white blood cells, you will likely get over your cold quicker.

Acclimatising To The Cold

When we are so used to the warmth, we can feel that there’s nothing worse than that cold sensation. But, we can acclimatise by doing a few simple things. You can begin by turning the temperature down in the home slightly. As you gradually get used to it, not only will you feel the benefits, but you save a little bit of money on the heating! If you’re feeling really brave, you could put on the air conditioning! But beware of doing this too much, it’s best for you to acclimatise to the cold and get used to it, rather than shocking your body completely. If you’ve got a broken air conditioner, getting that emergency AC repair company out right now isn’t a direct priority. But, if you’ve got a house that’s too hot, balancing it out with some cold air can help. In fact, the cold can help you sleep better!

Get Outside!

The temptation is to stay holed up at home and wait for winter to pass. Instead, why don’t you get out there and go for a winter walk? This may be the last thing on your mind, but as a family, you can get out into the cold and enjoy the sunshine. The great thing about winter weather, especially when it’s so cold, is that it’s not raining! So get out there and absorb as much Vitamin D as possible!

We equate the cold with being miserable. But we should get used to the cold. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to sit in your freezer all day or jump in ice baths, but we get so scared of the cold, when, in fact, it can do us a lot of good. One of the big errors we make is that we’ll get the flu if we go out in the cold. In fact, there is no evidence to show that you can get the flu purely by going out in the cold.