How To Give Your “Trendy” Blog More Credibility

How To Give Your “Trendy” Blog More Credibility

There’s no shortage of blog ideas out there. You can write about fishing if you’d like, or stamp collecting, or whatever you want – there’ll always be people who are interested in what you’re writing about. They all come with their own set of rules. If you’re hosting a blog about a trendy subject, such as music, fashion, or the arts, then you’ll also need to play by your own set of rules. In this realm, what you say is important, but it’s also imperative that you have credibility in the eyes of your readers. Being trendy is a fickle business, let’s not forget. Below, we take a look at a number of ways you can give yourself the bona fide trendy seal of approval.


Know What’s Hot

You’ll want to be a trendsetter, but before you get to anyone of that, you need to know what’s hot in the world you’re talking about. If you’re writing about fashion, then you should be well-informed about the looks that have recently debuted on the world’s leading catwalks. If it’s music, then knowing which artists have just released a gold-standard album and which are relying on reputation, will be crucial. It’s like writing; you can break the rules, but you have to know what the rules are first. You can’t talk too much about what’s trendy if you don’t know what’s going on in that world.

Have the Right Location

We shouldn’t give too much precedence to the location when it comes to opinions on trendy subjects, but we do. It’s easier to take a blog that focuses on music more seriously if it’s hosted in an epicentre of culture, like New York, than one that is hosted in the middle of nowhere. Of course, you can’t move at all, so transplanting yourself to the hottest cities won’t be feasible. But by using a service like, you can at least give the appearance that your blog is hosted in a city like New York. If people think that you’re right in the mix of all the latest goings-on, you’ll be a respected commentator on your chosen subject.

Don’t Just Repeat What Everyone Else Is Doing

You can’t fake knowledge. Well, you can, but people will quickly find out. If you’re just repeating what everyone else is saying, then why does your blog exist? The idea is to have fun with your blog, to use it as a platform to get your thoughts out there. There’s really not much point if all you’re doing is scanning other blogs for the next big thing, and then repeating the information on your website. Trust your opinions. If you know your subject well enough, you can be confident that other people will be interested in what you have to say.

Connect With Others

You’re not going to be the only blogger talking about your chosen subject. And it’s also highly unlikely that you’re the most influential. There’ll be dozens of other people talking about the same issues, and some will have more followers than you do. So why not look at connecting with them? Writing a guest blog for a website that you know is at the top of the game when it comes to commentating will put your website in front of people who are A. eager to read expert opinions and B. know what constitutes an expert opinion.

Be Active On Social Media

There’s a whole world of commentary out there, and it’s called social media. If you’re not part of the conversation, then how can you expect people to take your website seriously? For starters, reputations are often developed on social media, especially on Twitter. If you’re actively engaged with the issues that everyone else is talking about – and are putting forward smart insights, then you’ll find that people are already sold on your credibility by the time they arrive at your site.

Don’t Force It

We all know those people who try too hard to be cool. While it’ll dupe some people, anyone who really knows what they’re talking about will see through the ruse straight away. So be true to yourself. There’s no point saying something just because you think it’s the trendy opinion to have; say what you believe. You might even lose some points from time to time, especially if you go against popular opinion, but that’s just fine. A blogger who ignores what’s happening in mainstream opinion and puts forth their own views will always be welcome; indeed, that’s why their site should exist.