Things you didn’t know about raising many (but could probably guess)

Things you didn’t know about raising many (but could probably guess)

Raising children is a hair-rinsing experience. Raising a large family can be likened to a day out at the Zoo with a bunch of monkeys.

Watching old programmes like The Little House on the Prairie you would be forgiven for thinking that large families in one house always get on. While every night does consist of a whole list of good nights being said here are the things that it didn’t teach me.

You’re outnumbered

If you have never dealt with several children in public, I’ll tell you what it’s like.

Have you seen a farmer herding his sheep with his dog and moped? It’s like that, only without the dog… and the moped. You are outnumbered, outwitted and out of control. Just as you’ve gotten 4 of the sheep heading in the right direction, 1 decides the opposite direction looks more appealing.

Laundry is the bane of your life

Every family has plenty of dirty laundry but while their toads are manageable in our house the bottoms of the laundry baskets are proving elusive.

If my washing machine isn’t spinning, the tumble dryer is, and my kitchen always looks like a walk-in wardrobe.

I tried giving washing a miss one day. . . Never again. Dirty clothes spilled out of the baskets, across the landing, through the hallway and over the kitchen. How 7 people’ could make that much dirty laundry in less than three days eludes me.

Mealtimes resemble chinner parties.

These days it’s just easier to have everyone help themselves otherwise no-one gets a hot meal and we don’t sit down together.

There are 1.5 million plates, 2000 pieces of cutlery and 5000 cups that need washing after every meal.

Every evening, the dishes are a mammoth task, I’m tempted to start using paper plates.

Bath night sends shivers down my back.

Bath nights in our house consist of a production line. One in, one out, until everyone is done.

There are more semi naked bodies than you would find in a sauna and the laundry basket fills quicker than it’ll be emptied.

The shower gets turned off more times in 30 minutes than it rains in the UK every year. The shampoo bottle empties like a bottle of Malibu at a party.

In two words, it’s bedlam.

Raising many is a beautiful experience

It’s hard, it’s frustrating, it’s exhausting. But its also beautiful, rewarding and exhilarating.

The bond the siblings share is fabulous, and the love they share is obvious to anyone who meets them.

So, although it’s like herding sheep, with never-ending laundry baskets, and continuous dinner parties, I wouldn’t change it for the world!