“[He] died in about a minute” – An early motor vehicle accident

“[He] died in about a minute” – An early motor vehicle accident

On the morning of Friday 12th February 1909 Mr James Berry Walford presided over the inquest of the death of Edgar Alfred Ferdinand Tranter.

Edgar, known by his family as Ferdinand, was baptized at Holy Trinity Church in Abergavenny, Monmouthshire on the 27th April 1898. He was the son of David Tranter and Bertha Davis of Union Road, Abergavenny.

Edgar, along with his family, spent a number of years living in Hereford before moving back to Abergavenny.

On the evening of Monday 8th February, Ferdinand was seen playing with 2 other boys in Monk Street, just a short walk from his family home in St Helens Road when he was hit by the car of Mr Douglas Graham.

Laburnum Cottage, Monk Street. The side window seen in the picture is the one that Dora JOHNS describes in her evidence.
Photograph taken c.1980
Source: http://www.abergavennystreetsurvey.co.uk/8-monk-street-laburnum-cottage/

Several people gave evidence at the inquest which resulted in Mr Graham being exonerated from blame.

Ferdinand’s father, David, told the jury that his son was “healthy, active, and had good sight and hearing”.

Mary Ann Edmunds laid out the body of Ferdinand and detailed the injuries sustained for the jury.

Dora Johns, the first person on the scene, described the accident.

Mr. Tom Williams witnessed the accident and described what had happened.

Mr. Douglas Graham gave his evidence.

The burial of Ferdinand took place the following day at Holy Trinity Church.

Relationship to me

  • Edgar Alfred Ferdinand TRANTER is the son of
  • David TRANTER, who is the brother of
  • Edgar Samuel TRANTER, who is the father of
  • Percy Howard TRANTER, who is the father of
  • Living TRANTER, who is the father of
  • Living TRANTER, who is the mother of
  • Me


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