Book Review – The Angel in the Glass by Alys Clare

Book Review – The Angel in the Glass by Alys Clare

When I joined NetGalley, I didn’t quite understand the impact it would have on me but I love it. When I was approved to read Alys Clare‘s new book in the Gabriel Taverner mystery series, The Angel in the Glass, I wasn’t sure what to expect given that I haven’t read the first book.

About The Angel in the Glass

June 1604

Dr Gabriel Taverner is called upon by coroner and friend, Theophilus Davey, when a body is found in an uninhabited house on the moor. The body appears to be that of a vagrant.

As Gabriel helps investigate the death, he becomes involved with helping the parish priest baitee his
personal demons.

Gabe learns that the demons are linked with the dead body and there is a terrible trail of secrets to be uncovered.

Who was the vagrant and why did he die?

What is haunting the painsh priest?

My Review

I loved this historical crime fiction. I didn’t read it too quickly but actually enjoyed taking it all in.

Dr Gabriel Taverner is a good character, and I didn’t need to read the first book to feel like I know him. The book works very well as a standalone.

Alys managed to build the suspense expertly throughout the book. It wasn’t a fast-paced read like most of the other books I have read recently but I did really enjoy ambling my way through the mystery. and suspense that was building.

All in all The Angel in the Glass was a fantastic read although not necessarily for the faint hearted.

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About Alys Clare

Alys Clare is the pen name used by Elizabeth Harris for the Hawkenlye series of historical mysteries.

Alys Clare is the pseudonym of a novelist with some 20 published works to her name. Brought up in the countryside close to where the Hawkenlye Novels are set, she went to school in Tonbridge and later studied archaeology at the University of Kent. She lives for part of the year in Brittany, in a remote cottage deep in an ancient landscape where many past inhabitants have left their mark; on her doorstep are relics that date from the stone circles and dolmens of the Neolithic to the commanderies, chapels and ancient tracks of those infamous warrior monks, the Knights Templar. In England, Alys’s study overlooks a stretch of parkland which includes a valley with a little spring. The waters of this spring are similar in colour and taste to Tunbridge Wells’s famous Chalybeat Spring, and it was this that prompted Alys’s setting of her fictional Hawkenlye Abbey in the very spot where her own house now stands.

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