Book Review – Letters from the Dead by Steve Robinson

Book Review – Letters from the Dead by Steve Robinson

That’s it! I am up to date and thoroughly unimpressed about it. What am I going to do without a dose of JT for another year? It’s taken me just over a month to get through the seven books in Steve Robinson’s genealogical mystery series. Steve, may I call you Steve? It’s been a great adventure.

Letters from the dead is the brand-new instalment released earlier this month.

About letters from the Dead

JT is back and settling into life in England with his wife, Jean, and their 5-month-old baby, Ben.

He’s getting back into rebuilding his career as a professional genealogist. The cases he has taken 0h so far have been run of the mill- that is until Damian Sinclair employs JT’s services to identify the biological father of an illegitimate ancestor-one that is linked to an Indian treasure that hasn’t been seen in over 150 years.

Finally, something for JT to get his teeth into.

Things aren’t as they first appear, Sinclair’s real motive for employing JT isn’t as innocent as he first claims.

As JT’s stay in the Scottish Highlands progresses, he realises his life could, once again, be on the line.
Will JT get out of this assignment unscathed?
What bloody secrets will be revealed?

My Review

As always JT’s adventures as a genealogist enthral me. Steve Robinson’s presentation of the multiple stories within the book is brilliant.

I am always left wondering how one genealogist can walk into so many life changing situations in

The details appear to be well researched and the part of the story taking place in India are certainly believable. Although, I know little about Indian history and must take many of the details at face Value.

I have enjoyed JT’s adventures greatly, and it’s good to see that despite settling down with his family, he still has a sense of adventure.

I am very much looking forward to the next Jefferson Tayte adventure.

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About Steve Robinson

Steve Robinson drew upon his own family history for inspiration when he imagined the life and quest of his genealogist-hero, Jefferson Tayte. The talented London-based crime writer, who was first published at age 16, always wondered about his own maternal grandfather – ‘He was an American GI billeted in England during the Second World War,’ Robinson says. ‘A few years after the war ended he went back to America, leaving a young family behind and, to my knowledge, no further contact was made. I traced him to Los Angeles through his 1943 enlistment record and discovered that he was born in Arkansas…’

Robinson cites crime writing and genealogy as ardent hobbies – a passion that is readily apparent in his work.

He can be contacted via his website or his blog at