Blog Tour – Deadly Friend by K.D. Bloodworth

Blog Tour – Deadly Friend by K.D. Bloodworth

Today, I’m sharing a piece from K.D. Bloodworth about the new book, Deadly Friend.

About Deadly Friend

Following the horrific events in MRPERFECT.COM, Dawn thought she would never escape the demons that had haunted her every waking moment. But months of therapy finally freed her from the memories, allowing her and John to start their lives afresh with a new home in a new town. Slowly making new friends and gaining the confidence to take a part-time bar job, life was better than it had been for a long time.

Then, the past Dawn had tried so hard to forget caught up with her.

Awaking to her worst nightmare, beaten, bound and bloody, Dawn dared not move, fearing she would wake the monster in the room.

The man sleeping in the chair looked like her friend. Something was horribly wrong.

K.D. Bloodworth says:

The characters in both and Deadly Friend are based on people I have known and myself. The places although are actual places, I have changed the names of some.  Both books are based on real-life experiences with my vivid imagination taking me to all the places I would never want to visit.

I thought the story of Dawn and John had come to an end, but friends and readers wanted more.  I struggled on how to continue their story.  As with most of my ideas, it occurred to me one early morning, when one is not quite asleep but not awake. A what if moment. Those are the mornings when I jump up out of bed and write my thoughts down before they escape into the daylight.  Dawn and John needed a new adventure, a change, something she could prove she was alright, not only to John but herself. As before, I based the move from all she knew about events in my life.

Last year my husband and I moved to Georgia, to a place where we knew not a soul, for the third time in our married life.  We have settled in, made friends and enjoy mountain living. These days, a great adventure is finding my car in the parking lot at the grocery store.

About K.D. Bloodworth

I lived in three different states before I started school, but then lived in the same house with my parents until I was nineteen. The wander lust took over and since then I have lived in nine different states and have lost count of how many different addresses I have owned.

Other than my family and dog, I have two other loves in life, photography and writing. The writing came to me later in life when I decided I could write some good fiction based on real life experiences. Truthfully, many of the things I have done most people would think I was making that stuff up. So, I started changing names and some places, adding a bit of spice, and my writing career began.

People often ask me if something in the story happened to me and all I can do is smile. Some secrets are best well kept.


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