Blog Tour Book Review – Decree Absolute by W. A. Cooper

Blog Tour Book Review – Decree Absolute by W. A. Cooper

Well, that was unexpected. Reading Decree Absolute was a huge rollercoaster of an experience. It was completely NOT what I expected.

About Decree Absolute

Jessica is a powerful woman; however, her home life isn’t settled. When she catches her Italian stallion husband with the Nanny She knows her marriage is over.

With a full 0h work life and two young children, Jessica concedes that she needs some domestic help.

When Renee, just out of an unhealthy relationship herself, knocks at her door to meet sparks fly.

The two women are stubborn and more than a match for each other.

As time passes, Jessica mellows with Renee’s company and the pair come to rely on each other more than they could have anticipated

My Review

Well, I’m not sure what to say. I didn’t read the synopsis too thoroughly, either that, or I just didn’t realise.

Decree Absolute is refreshing, different, and well worth the read.

It’s an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish and I cried… a lot all the way through. At one point I couldn’t see to read through the tears.

The story is beautifully constructed and, yes, there is a sex scene… but it was completely necessary to the story.

The plot deals with a lot of sensitive themes such as cancer, suicide and drugs but it is told with sensitive and beautiful writing.

I adore the characters of Jessica and Renee. They are strong, independent women who have been dealt a rather crappy hand. It was a privilege to watch their relationship develop.

Decree Absolute is an amazing example of a contemporary romance novel, and a true love story. I would recommend it to anyone. However, the major theme of the book is a same sex relationship, so if that doesn’t appeal to you then move on to the next book in your reading list.

Decree Absolute is available to buy on Amazon using the link below.

About Wendy Cooper

Hi, my name is Wendy Cooper. Growing up surrounded by books was a given. Dad was a bookseller back in the day and I worked for a publishing company in England on my big overseas adventure. I couldn’t escape the lure of books if I wanted to. For thirty years I was a flight attendant with our national carrier, and still immersed myself in reading on those long tours of duty away from New Zealand. On retiring from that career, I settled on the Volcanic Plateau with my partner and two exotic cats who bring us much joy with their antics.

Travel, writing, and photography diplomas make up the sum total of my academic background. I prefer to inform those who ask, I graduated from the University of Life and am doing post graduate studies for the rest of my life!

I’ve been mentored by two fantastic writers who have helped my writing get to where it is today. Lee Murray and Eileen Mueller thank you for believing in me.

Women’s fiction with strong romantic themes (mainly gay women, but not exclusively) seems to be where my genre lies. Once I’ve written all the stories I have on my ‘To do’ list, I might try fantasy. There’s a blind dragon who has befriended a fairy who can’t fly. They would like their story told. Amazon Author Page…