Back to school – The child that’s left behind

Back to school – The child that’s left behind

With the rush of back to school and the pride I feel in seeing my beautiful babies growing up, there’s that little part of me that is feeling a Little melancholy.

My strong, kind and caring Garreth, the biggest of my babies, has started Year 9. The year he makes decisions that can affect the rest of his life.

My beautiful and caring Seren, my first daughter, has started Year 4. No matter which way I think of it we are getting closer to Secondary School.

My amazing and sensitive Macsen. Reception. He’s the first of mine I haven’t taken to the school gate on the first day of reception. Instead his taxi picked him up at 805am and I kissed him goodbye at the door of the taxi. It doesn’t matter though, he is attending a school he loves with the education he needs.


Enfys. Oh, my sweet, dear beautiful, Enfys. Her first day in nursery. Despite her development delay she was ready. The Friday before term started we received the confirmation that I:/ support would be funded. She has been met at the gate by a wonderful member of staff who has cared for her like her own, and by the third day she recognised her and waved before taking hold of her hand. Enfys has had such a huge journey to get here and she isn’t letting anything stop her.

Having these four at school, Anwen is the child left behind. Waving her siblings off every morning this week has taken its toll. She simply isn’t used to being on her own with just me for company.

In all the excitement of going back to school it’s easy to forget the child that is left behind.

Honestly? I’m looking forward to the adventures we can have together, just me and Anwen. We can be girls who do breakfast. Ladies that lunch. We can wander around the village doing nothing in particular. Things that were harder with the two of them at home.

My dear Anwen is about to learn the joys of a life when school runs aren’t so frequent. the joys of not having to be home within 2 hours to pick one of her siblings up.

So, while I say Anwen is the child left behind, she isn’t really. Yes, she is the final child left at home… but in no way is she the child left behind.