Setting up a digital planner in GoodNotes

Setting up a digital planner in GoodNotes

Since discovering digital planning at the end of June, I have been trying to fine tune my system… It hasn’t been easy – do you know how much I rely on monthly calendars, weekly planners, and daily lists? Not to mention brain-dump-type-to-do lists and writing prompts. Honestly, I am probably one of the world’s worst planners.

Paper systems just weren’t versatile enough. Printing, hole punching, and everything else just had too many restrictions (not to mention the time it took!).

I went all out for July, with stickers and washi tape (digital of course) but have scaled right back for August. I have found a few colourful designs that need next to no work and this means my August planner required little work.

Let’s run through what I have, shall we?

Dates to Remember

This is one that will move from month to month with me. I’ve got one for this year and another for 2019 with all the key dates written down. It makes life easier because I don’t have to set up months in advance.

This dates to remember printable is from DIY Home sweet Home.

Month at a Glance

This one is pretty much standard whichever planner you choose. I always tend to go for undated ones because I like being able to use them again and again.

This month at a glance printable is basic but works well. The design is by Cristyle and is available to download from

Week at a Glance

Some say it is overkill to have monthly, weekly, and daily pages in a planner but I find it’s the only way I can get (and keep) things in order.

I found this weekly spread printable by accident (and then discovered a daily one too). It’s great as it gives the enough space to wink and isn’t too fancy.

You can find this printable and the daily planner at True Bliss Designs.

Daily Planner

Yes, I am obsessive. But breaking everything down is the way my mind works. I have lists within lists within lists.

This daily planner is fab. I love the ‘priorities’ although figuring out my three priorities can be tough. I like to have one task from each area, blog, work, and home.

The normal to-do list tends to lean more towards being a ‘want to do’ list.

I don’t really use to food areas. It isn’t necessary, and the notes section never get written in because I have enough space on the rest of the page. The water tracker though, is great.

To-Do lists, Plans, Ideas, etc.

The last few pages contain random lists) from my master-to-do list, to my redesign to do lists, brainstorming and anything else I need to write down. There’s no rhyme nor reason to most of the pages, but, ultimately it makes sense to me and that’s the way it Should be.

So, that’s my digital planner set up, now it’s time to show me yours.