My Favourite Things – July

My Favourite Things – July


July passed too quickly for me too say we did much. However, we did end the Month with a spur of the moment day trip.

It was after the long weekend of rain and, after all the glorious weather we had before, I developed some serious cabin fever.

To rectify that problem, we picked up Nanny (my mum) and headed out for a picnic in the park.

The Book Shelf

I have read a fair few books in July.  11 in fact. It’s difficult to pick my favourite. There were a few but, my personal favourite was Martha’s Secrets by Joanna Larum. It is self published and deserves plenty of recognition. Another mention should go to Mark L Fowler and his new book Blue Murder, for getting me back into reading! Cheers Mark.


I have been getting back-into the odd bit of family History research and have rediscovered my passion.  In July, my favourite discovery was the burial place of my 2x great grandmother.

Planning & stationery

Digital Planning

DIGITAL PLANNING! is the definite winner here.
It’s turned into a life saver, along with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. I can’t express my love for them enough.
I do everything on it.


June was a little Slow on the work front but towards the end of the month
I met with a new client who lives locally and needs help finding new clients and signing them. We’re starting with SE0 and increasing her online presence. Something 1mi far better at doing for someone else than myself.

Anything else?

I splashed out on a load of new clothes for myself which is something I rarely do. Next must love me this month. Although if I’m honest I love me a little bit more now I’m a little more in fashion and not wearing the same clothes I have worn for the last 5 or 6 years.