Interviewing the Book Reviewer – Jill from Books n All

Interviewing the Book Reviewer – Jill from Books n All

I thought that along with interviewing my favourite authors, I would like to interview my fellow book bloggers.  Introducing Jill.

Jill is not only a busy book reviewer but she also runs a small book promotions company, Books n All Book Promotions.  She is amazing at her job and hosts launch parties and plans blog tours for latest releases.

Handing over to Jill…

First off, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi, my name is Jill Burkinshaw (but just call me Jill)  I am mother to 5 wonderful children who are now adults and living all over (1 in San Francisco) so I book in advance to catch up with them.

Someone got my star sign wrong when I was born because I was born Libra and Librans supposedly have difficulty making decisions but that definitely doesn’t apply to me.  I make decisions, BIG decisions suddenly and once a decision is made I will move heaven and earth to see it through. 

I now live in Matlock in the heart of the Peak District with my partner and dog.  Sheba and I spend a few hours a day exploring the countryside.

I have always loved reading and I have fond memories of swapping books with Mum.

Jill on Book Reviews

How soon after finishing a book do you write the review?

As soon as possible after finishing reading so that I don’t forget anything

What are the best and worst parts of being a Book Reviewer?

I always worry that I haven’t done the book justice.  That is the worst part if I really love a book I always worry that I haven’t managed to put in the right words to encourage others to buy the book.  The best part is knowing that every review plays a very big part in promoting the book.  If a book gets to the top of the Amazon charts I know that my review contributed to that even in such a tiny way.

Jill on Reading

Do you have a favourite book? Tell me about it.

Not really I read a lot of books and I have many I really like but I couldn’t pick just 1

What is your favourite genre and why?

My favourite is Crime Fiction, especially psychological thrillers,  The darker the better

Who are your favourite authors?

All the Joffe authors and several self published authors including Stewart Giles, Stephen Puleston and Adam Croft

Does your family get your passion for reading?

Probably not.  Mum was a big reader and my children all read books but not with the same passion as I do.

What items are essentials to have by your side when you read?

A cuppa.

Do you have a favourite place to read? Tell me about it.

In bed.  I like to sit in bed with peace and quiet and read. 

Do you think audiobooks, eBooks or physical books are better? Why?

I was always a paperback reader and although I was bought a Kindle as a present I had never used it.  Then I got Bells Palsy and it killed the nerves in the left hand side of my face including my eye.  My eyesight was badly affected and the ability to make the text larger on my Kindle was a life saver.  I have been addicted to ebooks ever since.  Audio books I cant get on with. I agree they have their place and uses for sight impaired people but the noise and reading just don’t go together for me.

Jill’s Random Thoughts

Do you ever feel inspired to write your own book?  Have you ever written your own book?

No I have no aspirations to write anything other than reviews I have no imagination I would be really rubbish at it.

What inspires you to get out of bed every day?

The thought of going walking with Sheba (my German Shepherd)

What is your most unusual reader’s quirk?

I think the main one is I can’t stop reading until I reach the end of a chapter.  This can be more problematic than you think if a book has long chapters as I have to work out if I have time to read it or stop where I am.

Do you feel like you would be a better book reviewer if you wore sparkly rainbow socks during your reading sessions?

No I don’t think what you wear has anything to do with reading or reviewing.