Book Review | Kindred by Steve Robinson | A Jefferson Tayte Mystery

Book Review | Kindred by Steve Robinson | A Jefferson Tayte Mystery

I have already written about the Jefferson Tayte series written by Steve Robinson, but I’ve recently finished the fifth book in the series, Kindred.

About Kindred

JT is heading to Munich, Germany. He has Jean by his side and hopes to follow the trail and discover his own ancestry.

But is the past better off left in the past?

The closer JT gets to the truth, the more danger him and Jean find themselves in.

Will JT live long enough to find out the truth about his parents?
Will he like what he hears?

My Review

JT always finds himself in trouble and searching for his own ancestry seems to be no different.
However, I am glad that he is finally able to trace the information that is so important to him.
As always Steve tells a great story and it kept me turning the pages. The historical information behind the fiction is accurate and heartbreaking in equal measure.

The final twist though – I didn’t see it coming.

Kindred is a great read and, as usual, I can’t wait to get on with the next in the series. Although, it appears I’ve read more of the series than there are left. Any good recommendations for similar type books, anyone?

If you want to give Steve’s books a go you can buy them on the links below. They are also included in a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

About Steve Robinson

Steve Robinson drew upon his own family history for inspiration when he imagined the life and quest of his genealogist-hero, Jefferson Tayte. The talented London-based crime writer, who was first published at age 16, always wondered about his own maternal grandfather – ‘He was an American GI billeted in England during the Second World War,’ Robinson says. ‘A few years after the war ended he went back to America, leaving a young family behind and, to my knowledge, no further contact was made. I traced him to Los Angeles through his 1943 enlistment record and discovered that he was born in Arkansas…’

Robinson cites crime writing and genealogy as ardent hobbies – a passion that is readily apparent in his work.

He can be contacted via his website or his blog at