Slate And Granite Are The Bold Brothers

Slate And Granite Are The Bold Brothers

It can’t be denied that when it comes to the most loved materials in our home, the trophy goes to wood. Our furniture, stairs, doors, cabinets, cupboards, and beds to name a few are made out of it. There are so many styles, different techniques by craftsman to design brilliantly ornate pieces for a home. You can paint wood in any color and varnish it to protect from scratches and liquids. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a little bit of change then since it is pretty much everywhere. We think about breaking up mundane parts of our home simply by adding new colors, but have you ever thought about adding new materials? Granite has always played a brilliant role in the kitchen. It’s strong and sturdy and can handle high temperatures. Slate, on the other hand, is duller and may look similar but, it’s a little more fragile. This is because it’s lighter. So what happens is slate tends to eat or rather absorb the light, but if granite is finished with a high gloss, it reflects the light brilliantly. So you have two different kinds of rock that are almost paradoxes of each other. Bold and beautifully subtle, they could do great things for your home.

A sheet for coffee

Slate is naturally very coarse but strong, which is why it is still used for roof tiles. Yet it can be made to be smooth as silk and still keeps its strength. For a living room or lounge area, perhaps even an outdoor seating area on the patio, a sleek single sheet slate marble coffee table would be a bold and strong statement. When we picture slate, we think of it as something heavy and thick. However a thin sheet of slate is very light and with the support of the four legs, it can make for a cool coffee table. Much like the pattern of marble, slate that is cut from large blocks has great horizontally rising patterns. Naturally made by water crystals forming in the tiny cracks.

Heavy duty beauty

Granite is known to be strong and heavy. It doesn’t have quite the same panache as marble, but it’s meant to be used differently. Marble is all about looks and a statement of your wealth and taste. Whereas granite is heavy duty, great for structural strength support and being able to take a bit of a beating. No wonder then, that modern elegant sinks are being made out of granite. It’s not as slippery as marble or ceramic, so you can bet on not having to fight or juggling plates around while cleaning them with soapy dishwasher liquids. Since it’s very dense, it’s not going to be affected by heat. Pouring hot water into a stainless steel sink make the structure indent and then pop back up when it cools. Over time real dents can be put into steel sink but none of that will happen with granite.

Slate is light but dull, great for a piece of furniture that you don’t want to be the center of the room. Coffee tables with a slate top and oak legs fit this bill perfectly. Granite is a stoic material, very dense and smooth, great for kitchen countertops and modern sinks.