Planner Addict – Day on 2 Pages (Do2p) plus a free printable

Planner Addict – Day on 2 Pages (Do2p) plus a free printable

It’s been a while since I have offered my readers a free printable, but today I have a great one for all planner addicts.

While searching for a daily planner, I realised that I really was not going to find everything I was after. I really struggled.
I needed something that gave me an area for appointments with the ability to include a to-do list Go-do lists are good for my brain). No-one seemed to offer such versatility for me though.

I decided to create my own.

I ended up with a day on 2-page spread.
It really does have some magnificent features. Currently, it’s only available in A5 but I do plan on extending the sizes on offer.

The A5 version does work well in Good Notes too as a digital planner. (I’ll be telling you more about my digital planning discovery in the coming weeks).


The day on 2 pages planner inserts have a few nice features.

  • Plenty of space to include the date
  • Set out 50 both pages can be seen as a spread.
  • Lots of to do space
  • Day planner in 15-minute intervals
  • Notes section.


In the time between creating the printable and writing this post I have decided to give digital planning on my iPad pro a go.

The Result?

It’s pretty bloody amazing. 1mi in love. It is far easier and quicker to plan digitally.

I have used this printable in GoodNotes, and it does seem to have worked with digital planning. The image below shows an example of it in use GoodNotes.

If you want to give my free printable a go. You can download it below. (The first page is blank by design to allow the correct set up for automatic double sided printing!)

day on 2 pages