Blog Tour Review: Blue Murder by Mark L. Fowler

Blog Tour Review: Blue Murder by Mark L. Fowler

A few weeks ago, I read Blue Murder by Mark L. Fowler. It is the 2nd book in a series following DCI Jim Tyler and his partner, Ds Danny Mills. You will probably know that in an avid reader of police procedural Books with the likes of Jay Ellis, Charlie Gallagher and Stewart Giles all featuring in past reviews. Mark Fowler, however, is a new one for me.

About Blue Murder

When a young musician disappears, and another is found dead in the Canal in the city of Stoke, DCI Tyler and Ds Mills face the seemingly impossible task of untangling the web of mistruths fed to them by the people who knew them best.

How are the incidents link and who is responsible for the events that have unfolded?

Will Tyler and Mills solve the case before anybody else gets hurt?

Throughout the case, DCI Jim Tyler is haunted by ghosts from his past and, often, struggles to keep a handle on his emotions.

The Review

I am an avid fan of all crime fiction and I found Blue Murder really easy to read. The story was great to follow with a fantastic introduction that made me want to continue reading. Fab news as I have really been struggling to read at all lately. (I finished it in under 24 hours).

Mark tells the story with sensitivity to Jim Tyler’s tainted past. The writing really is terrific.

DCI Tyler and DS Mills make a fantastic team and, despite not reading the first in the series, I felt I got to know them well. As a result, I don’t think reading other books in the series would be a necessity.  I am however looking forward to seeing Tyler and Mills develop further.  I really hope there will be more opportunities to do this anyway.

The suspects in the story were also well developed and, despite weaving webs of untruths, they were likeable.

As an introduction to the writing of Mark L. Fowler, Blue Murder was great.

I honestly can’t find ANY criticism. I loved it all.

Fancy reading Blue Murder? You can get your hands on it by clicking the link below.

You can also start at the beginning with Red is the Colour by clicking below.

About Mark L. Fowler

Mark is the writer of the crime series featuring Tyler and Mills. The first book to feature the detectives, RED IS THE COLOUR, was shortlisted for the 2018 Arnold Bennett Book Prize. The second book, BLUE MURDER, can also be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel.

He is also the author of THE MAN UPSTAIRS, featuring hard-boiled detective Frank Miller, and SILVER, a psychological thriller. Mark’s first book, COFFIN MAKER, continues to defy any attempts to categorise it.