Mother Of Pearls: Activities To Do With Your Daughter

Mother Of Pearls: Activities To Do With Your Daughter

Mothers and daughters are notorious for fighting and arguing as they grow together. It’s natural; too many hens in a henhouse and all that. The trick, while all that clashing is going on, is to try to find ways to keep your bond as mother and daughter strong while you navigate the sea of change together. The mother and daughter bond can be intense, frustrating, wonderful and scary all at the same time. Daughters can be the hardest to raise, because you’re watching a mirror image of yourself learn about the world. The more you try to guide and teach her, the more she will push against you and rebel. It’s the natural order of a growing girl, but it doesn’t mean that you stop trying.

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It’s so important to plan activities between you so that you can keep working on the bond that one day will be completely unbreakable. There are always going to be hard days and days where you want to tear your hair out, bond be damned, but these are the days that are going to shape your relationship. The way you choose to bond with each other doesn’t quite matter; from long conversations that start with celebrities and end with education, to dancing madly in the lounge and singing into hair brushes. With the ideas below, you’re going to be all set when it comes to strengthening the bond between mother and daughter.

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Dance Party

Here’s your chance to educate your daughter all about the music that you grew up with. Choose some songs and dance together as crazily as you like. She can teach you some of the latest moves, and you can teach her the merits of Queen.


Together, you can start a new hobby. It doesn’t matter whether it’s watercolours or arranging dolls house furniture. You need to choose activities that you can do as a pair, chatting together or even in comfortable silence.


She’s going to drag her heels, I can almost guarantee it, but chuck over her coat and announce the walk that you’re going to go on. Bribe with the promise of a hot chocolate and a croissant (takeaway, of course) if she agrees. A walk can give you the space to talk about anything in the world together, sharing secrets and swapping jokes.


Dates aren’t just for lovers, you know. Take your daughter out on a date. Go and see a film, have a lovely dinner and browse some of the shops. If she’s old enough and she’s asked, you could get her ears pierced for the first time on one of your day dates. Getting closer together is the goal, here, and you’re going to be epic if you allow a piercing. Well, you will in her eyes, anyway.

Your daughter is someone who – one day – will be your best friend, your confidant and someone who admires you from afar. Lay the foundation of a strong relationship early and you’ll never regret it.