If I could relive my prom…

If I could relive my prom…

It’s that time of year again.  Prom time.  My best friend’s daughter is attending hers at the beginning of July and every day there’s more chatter about dresses, hair, make up, and how to accessorise.  It’s exciting for them.  It also makes me think back to my prom and I can’t really believe it was half my life ago. 

Proms weren’t a big thing in our area when we had ours.  In fact, in my secondary school, my year group were the first to have one.  It was way back in the days when we didn’t have cameras on our phones… none of us actually used a digital camera either, as a result, I’m afraid there’s no gorgeous pictures from my prom on here.  (I think you would actually be hard pushed to find one – I’m pulling a weird facial expression on every photo). 

All the excitement surrounding this year’s proms, made me wonder if I would go back to mine if I could.  The short answer is ‘hell, no!’.  I’m glad to be rid of school yard politics and cliques, however, if I HAD to go back, there’s a few things I would do differently.

Not wear makeup

I hate makeup… with a passion.  If I could go back to my prom, I would choose not to wear makeup.  Lipstick always makes my lips look funny and mascara always ends up on my glasses.  To be honest, I wish I hadn’t worn makeup on my wedding day too.  Wedding photo sharing is quite an odd affair, especially since I don’t actually look like me.

To be honest, if you’re someone who hates wearing makeup on a day to day basis, then why not just plump for a nice lip gloss and be done with it?

Change my hairstyle

I always had short hair in school but it actually proved to be incredibly difficult to find prom hair styles that were significantly different to my everyday hairstyle.  I ended up going with a hairpiece styled in with my own (short) hair just to have something a little different.

To be honest, I probably wouldn’t have coloured my hair Midnight Blue the day before prom either.

My ‘friends’

I never really had one group of friends in school.  I was more of a, what would we call it now?  A social butterfly?  Yes, that sounds better than an outsider who felt she never really belonged with any of the groups she hung around with.

There was nothing wrong with my friends per se, it really is just a case of they weren’t really ‘me’.  I was always quite happy with my own company and I always felt I had to try really hard to fit in.

Nevertheless, I wish my friends had been more ‘me’ but we did have a lovely time at prom together.

My Attendance at the prom

I wouldn’t go.  I really forced myself to go and be one of the ‘in’ crowd.  Honestly, though, I wouldn’t go if I had my time again.

Despite all of that there is one thing I wouldn’t change…

My Dress!

My dress wasn’t new.  My dress was, in fact, my mother’s ball gown.  My father had it made especially for her, and in the lead up to the prom, my Mum had it resized for me. 

It was a beautiful royal blue and navy gown made of satin and crushed velvet.  I felt so comfortable wearing it.  If I hadn’t have had makeup on and hair that didn’t really suit me, I would have felt like the bell of the ball… or prom.

I consider myself extremely lucky that I had my Mum’s dress to wear.  It’s still hanging in a wardrobe at my parent’s house and, maybe one day, it will be worn again.