Education, bullying, and a school transfer – There is so much to do

Education, bullying, and a school transfer – There is so much to do

Parenting is never easy and right now I feel I am being pushed to my limits, gently brought back and then catapulted into oblivion.  Yes, it might sound over the top, but just as one thing settles down, another thing fires up. 

How is it possible to feel so torn about my children’s education while feeling so certain that decisions need to be made?

Why can’t I make the decisions that need making without feeling like my heart is breaking?

After 12 months of stress with Macsen, he began his journey at the Speech & Language Base 2 weeks ago.  It’s been a huge success.  I would even go as far to say that they have taken Macsen away and replaced him with a different child.  He’s just… well… different.  He is happy, calmer somewhat and I don’t have a fight on my hands every morning. 

He’s been accepted into the class; he’s part of a group.  His friends are all like him.  While he hasn’t really paired off with anyone yet, I’m not worried.  It is still very early days; if he is enjoying school and wants to attend that’s the battle won.

Up until yesterday, I knew the plan.  Garreth will continue and finish his education in Welsh Medium & Seren will follow.  Macsen will be in the Language Base for 1 or 2 years then transition back into mainstream English medium. For my convenience, Enfys will attend Welsh Medium Nursery before moving into English Medium for Reception, Anwen will just go straight into English Medium.

In one short conversation, Seren changed most of that.

The bottom line is that she is no longer happy attending her current school.  She’s had a few problems over the last few years with a few members of her class (this incident of bullying stands out in particular) which has had a really negative impact on her.  The school is small, with less than 20 children in each year group so there’s not really any option to get away from bullying if it’s happening (not that it should happen to start with). 

The discussion followed along the lines of telling her that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side and that the transition may not be easy.  She will leave her current friends behind and go into a school where she possibly doesn’t know anyone.

After hearing that, she was still certain that she wants to do it. 

I submitted the forms for transfer this morning.  There are no places in her year group at our catchment school, so the only current option is a school a little further away.  She will need to go on the waiting list for our catchment. 

The next problem I face is Enfys and Nursery.  This just throws a whole new (and rather large) spanner in the works.  We’re currently going through the processes for additional support for her and we have the multi-agency meeting on the 4th July.  I’m feeling drained just thinking about the changes needed. 

Time is short and the list of things to be done is longer than the time we have. 

I wish there was an easy answer to everything. 

As hard as the process of change is going to be, it breaks my heart to think that my beautiful Seren hasn’t been feeling as happy as she should be.  Every child has the right to be happy; they all have the right to feel like they are worth something. 

If changing schools is going to make her feel less isolated, happier and more comfortable then that is what will be done.