Don’t Be That Blogger Nobody Cares About

Don’t Be That Blogger Nobody Cares About

The blogging world is a busy market where you discover new participants every day. Admittedly not every blogger will be a competitor. Some bloggers work on very specific niche topics and are less likely to encounter any form of competition – which is advantageous in their line of business. Other bloggers simply write out of pleasure; they want to share their views on life, and they don’t expect any income in exchange. Some bloggers are very new and not yet established: they are still trying to define their style and their online personality – they have the potential to become future competitors, but they are not quite there yet. And finally, some bloggers end up creating website nobody really cares about. Whether they describe themselves as professional or amateur bloggers, they share common mistakes that lead to their poor reputation – by poor reputation, we mean non-existent. It’s not that they make a bad impression. They don’t make any. And that’s their problem.

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Blogging is hard work

Look after your brand image

Regardless of whether you want to generate passive income through your website or whether you are looking for a personal and not profitable presence, as a blogger, you need to establish your visual brand. Ultimately, the question to ask is: how will your reader differentiate your blog from others. Before content even plays a part in the final differentiation process, the look and feel of your website give the first impression. As a blogger, while you may not be expected to be an expert graphic designer, you need to know the basics to define your identity. You can use the helpful Training Connections adobe learning resources to find your way through Adobe’s graphics tools. A blogger who doesn’t care about their logo and overall design is a blogger doomed to go unnoticed.

Don’t just accept any gig

Let’s say that you’re trying to get your blog to get professional. As a blogger, you may get to write commissioned articles for companies. You will be part of the blogger outreach strategy of the company. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you should just say yes because the gig is offered to you. In fact, most bloggers who fail to build a solid presence for themselves tend to accept too early to promote products that don’t match their interests or the ones of their readers. In short, not all paid job is good to take. You need to do your research for the sake of your readers.

Don’t be mediocre and dull

As a blogger, of course, you need to produce content as regularly as possible. However, frequent articles also need to be interesting. The most common mistake for bloggers is to create content your audience wants to read, content that actually brings a new idea into the debate. In other words, if you’re keen to wrap up your articles quickly by sticky to common sense suggestions and reciting already known facts, you may bore your readers. People come back to a blog because it shows them a different perspective on life – or any niche topic.

In conclusion, the blogger, nobody, cares about is guilty of lack of attention. It’s because they don’t care about visuals, consistency, and content that they fail. Be the blogger who cares.