Creating the Backyard of Your Dreams

Creating the Backyard of Your Dreams

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When most of us think of home design and improving our properties, we tend to think of our interiors. Sure, this makes sense. After all, chances are that you spend a whole lot more time inside your house than you do in your backyard. But it’s important to remember that your backyard really can hold a whole lot of potential when it comes to improving the quality and appearance of your overall living space. So, perhaps it’s about time you start to show it a little TLC. Now, there’s so much that you could do with your backyard that it would be impossible to go through every single potential design in just one article. But we can take a moment to take a look at some key areas that will really make a difference to the overall state of your backyard! Here are a few to mull over.

The Backdoor

Your backdoor serves as so much more than a simple entrance to and exit from your garden. It’s visible at all times while you’re out back. So, let’s focus on this first. Sprucing up your back door is a relatively minor design change to the exterior of the property, but it is a simple one that you can carry out by yourself at almost any time. Just remember to put some old overalls on and roll up your sleeves, as you’re likely to get a little paint on you at some point during the process. First things first, you need to choose a paint. This should preferably be in a high-gloss tone. Remember to put masking tape on the hinge, so you don’t get any excess paint on the frame. Also, tape around the letter box, to avoid paint marks on the metal flap. If your door has a number screwed on, you might like to try removing it and then screwing it back on once you’re finished. This is easier than trying to paint around more intricate shapes. Remember to let anyone going in and out that there is wet paint about and to avoid touching the door’s surface until it is fully dried.


When we think of backyards, we tend to think of relatively green spaces. But your backyard has so much more potential than hosting lawn alone. Patios are a brilliant addition to almost any property’s space. Patio makes your outdoor space useable, providing you with a flat surface outdoors where you can place tables and chairs, sun loungers, or other furniture. Realistically, you’re not going to be able to install this yourself. That is, unless you want to invest some serious time and money into becoming qualified as a professional contractor. So, collaborate with professionals in the field who will be able to carry the work out on your behalf. Bear in mind that if you do opt for patio, you are also likely to want patio roofing. This provides your patio with protection and also makes the space useable in adverse weather conditions. There’s little in life that is more calming than drinking a hot cup of coffee in the fresh outdoors while hearing the pitter patter of rain on the roof protecting you from the wet. They can also provide shade in the heat of the day.

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Chances are that you don’t necessarily need a gate in your backyard. They are a brilliant addition to your home if you have little ones or pets around, but for the average person, their main appeal is aesthetic. A small, metal gate makes for a really sweet feature and can act as a secure portal between your backyard and other surrounding areas. If you want to get particularly personal with your yard design, you could have a sign specially made to hang from it. Perhaps with your house number, house name or family name on it.

Climber Plants

Climbing plants, otherwise referred to as “climbers” are a distinct type of plant that will grow up your property’s walls. Their vines cling to vertical surfaces and they will grow upwards, slowly spreading over the exterior of your property. They are a truly beautiful addition to any property, and you can create completely different aesthetics depending on the type of climber that you opt for. If you fancy pursuing a classic and traditional take on your property, try planting ivy. This plant has delicate leaves and will establish itself up against the face of your home relatively quickly. If you’d prefer a flowering plant, try Wisteria. This will bloom purple in the summer months and add a touch of subtle color to your home as well as a unique scent. For something that looks like it’s been taken straight from the pages of a classic fairytale, incorporate roses into the mix.

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Window Boxes and Hanging Baskets

While climber plants are one way to incorporate a little flora into your backyard without taking up all too much room, there are alternative options on your hands to consider too! These include window boxes and hanging baskets. Window boxes are placed, quite literally, below your window. This allows you to water them easily from indoors and they contribute a pretty addition to almost any house. Hanging baskets allow you to prettily arrange a small selection of flowers and keep them up and out of the way, off the ground and in the air. You can arrange these yourself, picking and choosing what plants to fill your basket with. Regardless of the species, they’ll need to be watered regularly to remain healthy and fresh, but they’re definitely worth the effort.

Herbs and Vegetables

If you enjoy the presence of the previously mentioned low maintenance and small scale plants in your garden, you might want to take your gardening a little more seriously and start getting involved in growing your own herbs and vegetables out back. Now, there are numerous benefits to be had when you start using your backyard as a space to grow your own herbs and vegetables. First, you will begin spending more time out back and out of the house as your newfound hobby flourishes and progresses. Next, the plants that you are likely to engage with are wonderful colours and create beautiful scents that you will be able to catch on the breeze around your entire property. Finally, you will produce food products that you can actually eat and incorporate into your home cooking. We are all well aware of the sheer number of artificial ingredients, colorings, pesticides, and additives that are likely to work their way into the food that we’re picking up from the supermarket shelves. Growing your own puts an end to these problems. All you need to curate a thriving environment for the plants that will produce these foods is a small space that has access to natural light, some sort of container, and a little supervision. If you want to go all out, you can invest in some natural fertilisers specifically designed for edible plants.

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Bird Baths

We should all feel some sort of responsibility over the local wildlife that surrounds our backyards. After all, these species have probably been inhabiting the space long before you arrived. One way that you can cater to local creatures’ needs is to instill a birdbath out back. This only needs to be a shallow pool of water, but you’ll soon make a whole host of feathered friends who will frequent your space for a drink and quick splash about.


Another option that will add a touch of water to your space is a pond. Now, this may not be an ideal option for those of us who have small children living in your home or regularly visiting – any expanse of water, no matter how shallow, can prove to be dangerous for little ones. However, for the rest of us, they create a beautiful spot for nature to flourish. They act as a source of water for birds and small mammals, and can create a habitat for amphibians such as frogs, toads, and newts. What’s more? They just look lovely, especially when water based plants start to flourish in the damp environment it provides.

As you can see, the potential that your backyard holds is astounding. No matter how large or small a space you have, there’s always something that you can do to spruce the area up a bit. You just have to dedicate a little more time and effort to proceedings and you’ll soon start to reap the results!