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Bring Your Home Into The 21st Century

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Is it time to drag your home out of the previous millennium and into the 21st century? Introducing new technology to your home could save you time and money. Here are some of the ways in which you can modernise your home.

Improve your internet connection

Most of us have long abandoned dial-up, but there are still of us that are yet to graduate to fibre broadband. Modern fibre broadband is extremely fast – buffering is practically non-existent, and most downloads take a matter of seconds. If you’ve noticed that your internet is slower than your friends and neighbours (or someone has commented on your slow internet speed), consider upgrading your internet and see the difference.

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Think smart with your gadgets

Smart technology (also known as the Internet of Things) is the biggest new trend in homes. This involves linking up other devices other than computers to the internet such as TVs, central heating and speakers. Smart gadgets can be controlled via your mobile phone – you can record your favourite TV shows on your smart TV, turn on the heating before you come home or quieten down the speakers from another room. Some of these devices can even be voice controlled.

Free up clutter with digital alternatives

Digital technology has replaced the need for many older mediums. If you’re a music collector, you may still want to keep onto your CDs, but otherwise it could be time to move onto music streaming – you’ll have every song you’ve ever wanted at your fingertips and you can free up those shelves of albums. Movies can also be purchased as downloads. There may even be equipment that you can get rid of and replaced with apps such as calendars, diaries and organisers.

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Go green

Modern homes are also embracing greener technology – not only does this technology save the planet but it can save you a lot of money. Modern washing machines, ovens and refrigerators use up a lot less energy than past appliances and can save you huge amounts on your energy bills. You may even be able to switch out incandescent light bulbs for LEDs.

There are also more major improvements that you can make to your home to save you energy in the long run. Insulation can help to trap heat in your home, preventing you from having to reach for the thermostat as often. Examples of home insulation include fitting double-glazed windows, adding loft insulation and installing cavity wall insulation. Another green home improvement meanwhile could be to install solar panels. This could allow you to generate electricity from the sun and never have to pay an electricity bill to a provider again. You can also take steps to reduce your water consumption such as harvesting rainwater for gardening purposes or even installing a greywater recycling system to help reuse water from your sink and shower for purposes such as flushing the toilet.

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