A Day Out in the City – Monster Jam UK

A Day Out in the City – Monster Jam UK

A few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to enjoy an amazing day out in Cardiff. We made a full day of it and even enjoyed the main event, Monster Jam!

Monster Jam is HUGE in America, but you don’t really hear much about it in the U.K. I hope that’s going to change.

We decided to take the older three children because Enfys and Anwen wouldn’t have gotten anything from the experience.

It was an adventure!

We started out at 8am, with bags packed with sun cream, hats, and whatever else we needed for our big day. I was also lucky enough to have the Samsung Galaxy S9+ from Three to take with us.  It meant we really did get some cracking shots of the Monster Trucks. The only downside was the lack of time to get used to the camera beforehand (and I’m most certainly Not a photographer).

The entertainment started with a pit Party at 10am before the show at 3pm.

If I’m completely honest the Pit Party didn’t suit my kids. Macsen was a little overwhelmed. there were just too many people there for him. Seren enjoyed it, but I think she was stunned by the number of people. Garreth was Garreth; he pretty much went along with whatever the younger ones wanted to do.

We didn’t stay long at the Pit Party and went in search of food. We ended up having to find Clarks shoe shop before food because Macsen’s Shoes were starting to rub.


We don’t usually go into Cardiff, so we had no idea where we were going. The Galaxy S9+ came into its own. It was a fantastic way to navigate your way around the city Centre.

We found everything we needed to find without getting (too) lost.

Eventually, we got back to the Principality Stadium (although it will always be the Millennium Stadium to me) for 2pm when the gates opened, mainly to give us some time to relax. It was a damn good job we did because within 20 minutes Macsen had fallen asleep.

The pre-show entertainment was welcome. It entertained Garreth and Seren and built up a great atmosphere.


Macsen woke up just in time for the start of the show. Honestly, we couldn’t have timed it better.

The atmosphere by this point was incredible. The intro music added to it and the ROAR of the Monster Trucks was like nothing I have ever experienced before. Wow!!

The whole stadium vibrated, and my heart joined in with the rhythm.
I remember seeing Monster Trucks as a child, but I don’t remember that feeling of exhilaration.

The Show was phenomenal. The almost continuous roar of the engines was simply brilliant.

Would I go to see them again?

Heck yes! And so, would Jim and the kids! Just show us the way!

Thank you, Monster Jam UK, for an amazing experience.

I’ll leave you now with a video from our day!