Getting married can cost so much and there’s such a temptation to keep spending until you physically can’t spend anymore. 


It doesn’t have to cost the earth.  There are so many ways to save wedding budget.

Do It Yourself

This is the in thing now… Many brides are saving money by doing it themselves.  For my own wedding I made the invites, order of service, and favours.  My Mum sorted the flowers, her friends made the food and the cake. 

There are so many ideas around the web to inspire even the least creative of brides.  Doing it yourself doesn’t have to mean you make EVERYTHING yourself.  From simple save the date cards all the way to floral bouquets and centre piece arrangements.  Why not look at this handy list of wedding favour ideas under £1 to give you some inspiration.

I bought personalised chocolate coins for my wedding favours.  I made 85 favour boxes for less than £1 each.

Have a Buffet Rather than a sit-down meal

The cost of sit-down wedding meals can make the cost of your wedding sky rocket before you have even started on the things you would like that is for you. 

With prices that can start from £30 per head you will end up with an expensive wedding but not celebrating with everyone you would love to celebrate with.

Switching to a buffet meal doesn’t mean that it’s informal.  We had a sit-down buffet at our wedding which worked well.  Everyone had a specific seat to sit in but also got to choose the food they ate and go back for seconds if they so desired.

ReConsider the guest list

Do you really need to invite Aunt Fanny’s second cousin’s brother in law?  Okay, most people don’t go that far but if the cost of your wedding is getting out of control, reconsidering your guest list is something you can do to scale back on the expense.

Obviously, don’t scale back on the people you care about.  If there’s someone you haven’t seen for years, or family members you are not that close to, don’t feel obliged to invite them.  There were many people I chose not to invite to our wedding and to be honest, on the day, I didn’t notice they weren’t there. 

That sounds a little harsh, but the people who mattered to me most celebrated with me, so all was good.

Borrow From Friends

Sometimes, borrowing items from friends adds a little more personality to your day.  I borrowed my great grandmother’s necklace from my great-aunty… it provided my ‘something borrowed, something blue, and something old’.  That was completely unintentional but fantastic all the same.

I was going to borrow my friend’s wedding dress, but when I found out I was pregnant with Macsen, that plan changed.  I loved the dress I went for in the end though, it was perfect.

Do you have any friends or family members that can lend you things to help keep costs down?  From shoes, to jewellery, to tiaras, anything is possible.

Consider what you absolutely need

I suppose this one is sort of linked to the one above, but if you consider and list what you absolutely need for your wedding, you can effectively bring the cost down.

I jumped in head first and ordered 3 cars, then a few weeks later, I decided that I didn’t need 3 cars.  We could do what we needed to do with one.  It saved us around £600 which was better spent on the reception venue.

Also, my dress cost £69.  It was beautiful, elegant, and fitted me well.  I couldn’t have chosen a better one anywhere else. 

Weddings don’t have to cost the earth

These are just 5 ideas for how to save wedding budget, I’m sure you will be able to find more around the big web of cyberspace. 

Of course, whether you want to reduce your wedding costs entirely depends on how much you have to spend in the beginning.  Weddings are completely personal and should be about you rather than anyone else.  I often joke that my dream wedding would have been eloping and then retiring back to my house for a takeaway.  (Honestly, I’m not the party type!)

Do you have any great ideas I haven’t already covered here for reducing your wedding costs? If so, leave me a comment and I’ll be sure to add it in.