Lexicon-Go! – Who loves a good word game?

Lexicon-Go! – Who loves a good word game?

A few weeks ago we were sent the awesome Lexicon-Go! to review.  We are big fans of word games in our house, they made spelling fun. Anything that makes us all think hard is a winner.

Initially, I wasn’t sure that we would get Lexicon-Go! after reading through the rules.  

It looked a little complicated and took me a few days to take the plunge.

Now, Lexicon Go is suggested for children aged 7+.  It’s great, in theory. However, I didn’t take into consideration that Seren is actually 8 but educated in Welsh medium.  She only started studying English as a subject in September. Her Welsh is A*, whereas her English is just beginning to catch up.  It was GREAT practice for her.

Garreth found the game quite difficult to grasp but enjoyed it when how to play clicked.

Lexicon-Go! actually brought out mine and my husband’s competitive sides.  

We were like raging bulls. (Although, my husband is way more competitive than I am.  Ahem.)

Our Lexicon-Go! experience was great, although, I enjoyed it far more when it was me against Jim.  I kind of felt bad winning against an 8 year old and 12 year old.

How do you play Lexicon-Go!?

  • Think of Domino’s – you start the same way with all the tiles face down in front of you. (The draw pile).
  • Each player takes 10 tiles and leaves them face down  on the table.
  • When a player shouts โ€œGo”, everyone flips over their tiles and gets rid of their tiles by making words.
  • The first player to use all their tiles wins the round.

There are a few additional rules but we left them out while playing with the kiddos.  Preferring to keep it simpler.

To be honest,  as long as you’re consistent, you can play the game with your own rules.  

We haven’t just used Lexicon-Go! for playing the game either.  The tiles are great for Macsen to recognise letters (And he’s pretty good if I’m honest.)

I also found a pretty awesome use for the tiles.  

Look at this photograph.  The tiles make awesome props. 😀

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