#BloggersinWales Linky – An Interview with Inspire Create Educate

#BloggersinWales Linky – An Interview with Inspire Create Educate

After launching the first #BloggersinWales Monthly linky last month.  The time has come for another.  This month, I’m introducing you to the lovely Lauren from Inspire Create Educate.

Tell me a bit about you and your blog.

I’m mother of three, fiancee of one and lover of all things caffeinated! I help busy parents lead more eco-friendly lives so they can care for our planet and keep up with the pace of modern life. I write vegan recipes, zero waste/plastic free tips, and mindfulness practices on the blog.

What is your connection to Wales?

I was born here and have lived in South East Wales my entire life.

Are you a Welsh speaker?

Sadly not – I was great at it in school and can understand some written Welsh, but I’m really out of practice! I have to get back into using Duolingo at some point.

What is your favourite thing about Wales?

I think there’s a culture of friendliness that just isn’t like anything anywhere else in the world. We look out for each other, and that’s a beautiful thing.

What is your least favourite thing about Wales?

I don’t think I have a least favourite thing! People trying (and failing) to imitate Welsh accents, maybe?

Do you have a special place in Wales?

Newport – it’s where I was born, I spent some of my childhood here and now I live here as an adult. I have always had a connection with Casnewydd and I don’t care what anyone says: I love it. This is my city!

What is your most special blogging memory?  It doesn’t have to be Wales related.

I don’t have a “most special” memory, just a small collection of moments I realised that yes, I *can* do this! Nice comments left on the blog, acquaintances asking after my blog and saying they’d enjoyed a post, nice comments from PRs and getting my first paying client.

Thank you so much, Lauren, it’s been great getting to know you. 

You can find Lauren at her blog, Inspire Create Educate, or on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram

Now, let’s get down to the business of the link up. 🙂

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What do you need to do to join in?

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