Anwen’s First Birthday Gift Guide

Anwen’s First Birthday Gift Guide

A first birthday is always an important milestone.  It’s the day when, as a Mum, the memories come flooding back and emotions are running high.  I have celebrated plenty of first birthdays but Anwen’s has hit me the hardest.  The realisation that, with her, I am experience the last firsts.  Until I have grandchildren (with 5 children of my own, I am going to have at least one grandchild, right?) I won’t get to celebrate the firsts again. 

Being a Mummy is a privilege in itself, being fortunate enough to have 5 children… well, I don’t think anything can compare.  I struggled with presents for Anwen to celebrate her birthday.  We already have endless amounts of toys and the last thing I wanted was to add more.

This is Anwen’s first birthday present gift guide.  It’s a guide for those who don’t feel that toys are necessary.  A guide full of keepsakes and special things rather than toys they will grow out of in just a few short months.  (Can I let you in on a little secret?  There’s also a couple of giveaways included!)

Peppa goes to Anwen’s Birthday Party

Peppa Pig is always a hit but Penwizard’s Peppa Pig personalised birthday book is a fantastic keepsake for a birthday. 

Anwen dances every time she hears the Peppa Pig theme tune so, even though she is currently too young to fully grasp the story, she recognises the pictures and enjoys looking at them. 

I remember having a personalised Frozen book for Seren from Penwizard a few years ago and I’m still impressed with the quality. 

The Peppa Pig story is fun and engaging and even the older one’s loved listening to it. 

If Peppa Pig isn’t your child’s thing, Penwizard have a variety of other character birthday books that can carry personalisation.

Peter Rabbit Personalised Book and Toy Gift Set

I don’t know about you but I grew up on Beatrix Potter’s tails of Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddleduck and Benjamin Bunny.  I love the stories, still.  I had the entire collection of Peter Rabbit and Friends as a box set for one of my birthdays.  I still have them here now.  In fact, I’ve passed them on to Seren.

A Peter Rabbit Gift Set is an amazing addition to a birthday present list.  It’s the perfect keepsake and the personalised book just adds to the magic. 

Peter himself is soft and cuddly – he’s been the cause of quite a few arguments between Enfys and Anwen over the last few days.  He really is just gorgeous. 

The Little Guide to Life for Anwen is lovely, it is well presented and makes me fall in love with the tales of Peter Rabbit and friends all over again. 

If Peter Rabbit isn’t your thing, there’s plenty of choice for First Birthday Gifts on I Just Love It!

Personalised White Bear called Millie

GiftPup sell some really great gifts and for something completely cute and adorable, they have Millie.  Millie is a gorgeously soft white teddy bear with a personalised t-shirt.

She’s absolutely gorgeous and I mean that, I was half-tempted to keep her for myself, and not give her to Anwen. 

Anwen’s reaction was amazing.  Although, like with Peter Rabbit, there’s been a fair few fights between Enfys and Anwen over her.

Millie isn’t the only gorgeous first birthday gift offered by GiftPup.  In fact, there’s a huge variety of personalised gifts available.


‘Now Anwen is One’ personalised book

In true me fashion, I’m finishing the gift guide with a book.  This time, it’s an amazing birthday book from It’s Your Story. 

In true Itsyourstory style, Now Anwen is One is engaging and amusing.  The selling point for me though has to be Anwen’s face appearing on every page.  I think my daughter is gorgeous and seeing her face on every page makes it even more fun!

Anwen loves books and even Enfys is confused by Anwen’s face appearing on every page.  We now have a wonderful collection of Itsyourstory books, including From A to Z with Enfys, From 1 to 10 with Enfys and Where’s Macsen?. 

What do you think of personalised gifts?  Do you love them or loathe them?  Let me know in the comments below. 

Keep your eyes peeled for the related giveaways going live over the next few days.