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One of the reasons why people love New Year’s Eve so much, is that it presents them with a blank slate, a fresh start, and the ability to turn their lives around in whatever way they might want.

It’s the same kind of process that plays out when people move homes. Aside from the logistics and stress of the move itself, which can be greatly reduced by the assistance of a company such as, moving puts you in a new place; somewhere you can transform and make better than your previous home.

But for all the benefits of moving home, it is also possible to turn things around and enjoy that same “fresh start” experience where you are, right now. It’s also possible to completely falter, and repeat the same negative patterns, even in a new home, if you don’t adopt the right approach.

Here are some ways you can stop your home getting the better of you.

Do something small every day to make things better, don’t become overwhelmed

One of the key reasons why people end up living in unruly, chaotic homes, and feeling hopeless and helpless at the same time, is because they are intimidated by the scale of the work that needs to be done.

If your house is really upside down, it can be extremely disheartening even thinking about setting things straight and improve them, as you know that the amount of work involved would likely be dramatic.

But this is a flawed form of thinking. Instead of looking at the totality of your home, as one big crisis that needs to be dealt with, break it down into smaller chunks. Instead of deciding that you need to completely tidy up the entire living room right now, make a list of the different sub-tasks involved in cleaning up the living room, and do a bit of work each day.

As long as you do something, each day, to make things a bit better rather than a bit worse, you’re on the right track.

Get rid of anything that you can do without

Clutter is one of the main causes of discontentment and a sense of powerlessness in the home. If there’s enough stuff, everywhere, even if it’s stored away reasonably well — you’re going to end up feeling that things are just a bit too chaotic in your environment.

Getting rid of the stuff you can do without — that is, getting rid of the stuff you don’t have a strong emotional attachment to, or find very useful — can be a great step in regaining control.

Have a set timetable or rota for handling your chores

Even if you spend a week intensively cleaning and organising your home, and getting rid of the clutter, you’re going to find that things fall apart and become dirty and chaotic again in short order, if you’re not actively cleaning and organising on a regular basis.

To keep you on track in this regard, it’s very worthwhile setting up a timetable or a cleaning rota — especially if you live with others — to keep your domestic chores properly managed.