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Welcome to The Cwtch – Creating a quiet space for an overstimulated child

Welcome to The Cwtch!  It’s a corner of our family room that is dedicated to quiet time.  It doesn’t matter whether the quiet time is to read, finish jigsaws or just to lounge around on a beanbag watching Netflix.  It’s been designed with Macsen and Enfys in mind.  Both have different needs, but both will benefit from it. 

The Cwtch has taken a lot of hard work and plenty of planning and it still isn’t complete yet. We have a tee pee and another beanbag to come.  But, it is looking rather beautiful already, wouldn’t you agree?

I bought quite a few bits and pieces for The Cwtch, from the rug to the bookshelf and on to the books. 

Let’s explore The Cwtch in a little more detail, shall we?

The Beanbags

I purchased the beanbags from Bean Bag Bazaar via Amazon.  They were delivered quickly and provided the children with plenty of opportunities to cuddle up even before The Cwtch was created.  I went for two of the chair type and 2 of the big rectangle ones that can make any shape you want.  They are amazing bean bags and I honestly can’t fault them.

The Book Shelf

I may have mentioned a few times in the past that I practically live on Amazon.  My life is planned through Amazon.  Honestly.  The Book Shelf is from… yep, you guessed it Amazon.  There are a few different varieties and I wasn’t too sure which one to go for.  Ours was one of the cheaper ones and is fab. 

The girls love it and very often they sit in front taking the books out and putting them back in again.

The Books

I have more children’s books in the house than I know what to do with.  However, most of them are from my childhood and I really don’t want them getting ripped apart by toddlers.  That’s where The Works comes in.  They have a great 10 for £10 on children’s books and for the sake of £1 a book I don’t mind the enthusiastic toddlers mistreating them. 

The Rug

The rug was a little bit of an afterthought.  The day we put The Cwtch together I realised that it looked a little cold.  Both Seren and Jim agreed that a rug was a necessity.  I searched and searched before finding the rainbow rug on Amazon.  It really added a bit of warmth to the corner.

We also have a few extra little things specifically for Macsen.  The puzzles and the wheelie trays but there’ll be more about that in another post.  As well as the wooden sensory boards.

Since we set up The Cwtch, Macsen has been calmer.  He’s chosen to lie on a beanbag watching Netflix.  He’s also chosen to sit down quietly and calmly completed a jigsaw puzzle or two.

No doubt the area will be changing over the next few weeks as I improve and alter little parts for a better experience. 

What do you think of The Cwtch?  Let me know in the comments.

Beth is a 30-something, self-employed Mum rediscovering her connection to British History and nature. Her loves include the discovery of knowledge, walking in the woods, and writing, among others. Beth is a Virtual Assistant at The Happy VA.


  • Ondo Lady

    Overstimulated? Is that another way of saying too much energy? What a gift to have a child with that energy. I can assume it might get very draining but rather an overstimulated child than the other alternative.

    • Beth Davidson

      You are right in some respects but an overstimulated child with sensory processing issues doesn’t react in the same way a child without does. When Macsen is in an environment he is struggling with he has a meltdown, becomes aggressive and angry. It’s only really because he doesn’t know how to handle the environment and feels out of control.

  • Marie

    I love this idea! It’s so nice to have a quite place to chill out, people often think that children need constant crazy stimulation, but just like us they need down time too! I also love Amazon, so much so that I loose track of what I’ve ordered.. I definitely want to try this idea once Jasmines a little older 🙂

  • Laura: Adventures with J

    This is a great idea. We want to get a teepee and a bean bag to make a safe space for J to go when he over stimulates too. I’m just not sure that he would be happy to go there. When he is over stimulating he just wants to be super active so we are debating how it will work at the moment. Great ideas though. Thanks for sharing.

    • Beth Davidson

      I love the teepee idea. I bought one from Hobby Craft. It’s a decorate your own one. I’m excited to decorate it but I’m not sure where to put it because I don’t think the corner needs anything extra.

  • Kirsty

    This is a fantastic idea. We don’t have a corner like this but both my girls have their bedrooms set up to allow some down time. My two love to look through their books to have a moment of calm. Those bean bags look super comfy too. I am an Amazon fan and often need to remind myself that there are other retailers online 😉

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