The countdown is on… 24 days until Monster Jam

The countdown is on… 24 days until Monster Jam

There’s less than a month to go until the most exciting event in the calendar this year.  Less than a month until a day of thrilling entertainment guaranteed to raise my blood pressure and really get the adrenaline pumping.  And no, I’m not talking about the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle…

I’m talking about Monster Jam 2018 at the Principality Stadium, Cardiff.

Guess who’s going to be there?  Me, Jim, Garreth, Seren and Macsen.  We’ve decided to leave the younger girls with my parents.  It’s going to be a long day, starting with a train ride to Cardiff for around 10am.  Then there’s going to be the hustle and bustle of the Pit Party.  Not to mention the sheer noise of the trucks themselves.  No, I think we’ve made the right call.

Enfys and Anwen will be enjoying a lovely day out with my parents at a butterfly aviary.

“What are the finer details?” I hear you ask.

Well, Monster Jam is returning to the Principality Stadium, Cardiff, on the 19th May 2018 (no, I don’t think the organisers were aware that there was going to be a Royal Wedding the same day!).

The stadium will be open from 10am for the Pit Party (Visitors must have both a valid pit party ticket and a valid show ticket to enter!). 

The show will commence later in the afternoon.

Do you want to attend the Monster Jam show?

Yes?  There are tickets still available.  But… you must be quick.  Seats are limited and they are selling out quickly.  You can buy your tickets from

To be completely honest, I’m really excited.  I remember seeing Monster Trucks once when I was young and it was amazing.  I’m sure Monster Jam is going to live up to all the expectations I have.

There’s also another reason I’m excited.  I have NEVER been inside the Principality Stadium, not even when it was the Millennium Stadium.  

The final reason I’m excited is that I’ll be spending a weekend with my three biggest babies knowing that Enfys and Anwen will be well looked after by my Mum and Dad.

Are you planning on going to see Monster Jam?  If so, give me a shout below and we can say hi!