In March, I read…

In March, I read…

Well, well, well, it’s April already!  Happy Easter, I hope you’re all eating chocolate while you’re reading.

March was a pretty busy month for reading.  I finished 1 book, read 5 books and started 1 book. The latter end of the month has been distinctly quieter for reading because I’ve had other things to do and I’ve been really busy.

Let’s find out what I read last month then.

Murder in the Mansion by Faith Martin

22nd February – 1st March

I read this one because I needed to get up to date with the DI Hillary Greene series ready for my review of Murder by Fire.

It was another great read by Faith and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Baby Lies by Chris Collett

1st – 3rd March

I reviewed Baby Lies earlier in March and again I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was full of twists and turns and kept me turning the page right until the very end. 

The Braes of Huntly by Kristin Gleeson

4th March

Yes, I really did read this one in one day.  Macsen got me up at 4am so I made the most of being awake and started on this book.  I was hooked.  I had enjoyed the previous two books in the series and didn’t expect this one to be any different.  Seriously, though, it genuinely had me in tears at one point,

The Guilty Ones by Joy Ellis

4th – 9th March

The Guilty Ones was another I reviewed.  Another first for me by Joy Ellis and it really didn’t disappoint.  I loved every single page.  It was heart wrenching on times too.

Unworthy by Stewart Giles

9th – 14th March

I found this one extremely difficult to get into.  I really struggled with it initially.  However, at one point it all just clicked and it became another page turner.  I also reviewed Unworthy.

Murder in the Garden by Faith Martin

14th – 21st March

Another DI Hillary Greene instalment, Murder in the Garden was a great read, yet again.

Murder by Fire by Faith Martin

22nd March – ongoing

I still haven’t quite finished this one but I’m sure I will over the next day or two.  I have also reviewed Murder by Fire (well as much as I have read). 

If you want to read any of the books I have read this month you can buy them by clicking on the links below.

What did you read in March?