Here’s How To Make Your Home Decor More Interesting And Unique

Here’s How To Make Your Home Decor More Interesting And Unique

What could be worse than a home in which the decor doesn’t tell you a single thing about the person or people who live in it? The best homes are those that have an interesting and unique decor to go with the people who live in the house. If you’re unsure of where to start, take a look at some of the tips below:

Create A Feature Wall

A feature wall can be anywhere in your home; in fact you can have a few of them if you can find the right place for them. That being said, you shouldn’t have one in every single room. You could have one in your living room and one in your bedroom, for example. The wall you choose shouldn’t have a window or a door on it, and it should naturally draw the eye when a person enters the room. You can create a feature wall with simple things like paint and wallpaper, or you can paint a mural and do something more creative.

Incorporate Lots Of Texture

For a home that looks interesting you need to make sure you’re using texture. Texture is key when trying to stop a home from looking dull. Use as many different pieces as you can to give your home an extra dimension. Your guests should want to touch everything when they step into your home!



Show Off Your Hobbies And Souvenirs

Don’t be afraid to show off your personality in your home by making sure you emphasize your hobbies, as well as any souvenirs you might have picked up on your travels. These things show off your personality and what you’re all about, and can give your home something truly unique that no other home will have.

Personalize It

Make sure you personalize your home. Include your favorite colors, your favorite patterns, and plenty of pictures of your loved ones. Include things that bring you joy when making your way around your home. Adding things for the sake of it creates clutter, and studies have shown that clutter creates stress if it isn’t sentimental.

Invest In Statement Furniture

Statement pieces of furniture and accessories can completely change the look of a place. Just take a look at a site like to see what we mean. Every single thing you choose doesn’t need to be ‘far out’, but picking a couple of main pieces and having them somewhere prominent could give your home the wow factor.

Incorporate Flowers And Plants

Flowers and plants not only make us happier and healthier, they also add color and texture to a home – what could be better than bringing the outdoors inside? Studies have shown that looking at plants makes us happy, and as they purify the air, we should all have them in our homes. You can add lots of leafy green plants to bring color and texture to any room in your home!

Hopefully you’ve learned something from this post. Leave your own thoughts and ideas below!