Have you ever seen a hernia?

Have you ever seen a hernia?

Have you ever seen a hernia?

Up until last July, I hadn’t.  Well unless you count Seren’s and Enfys’ umbilical hernias.  But there was something different about them.  They were tiny in comparison to this one.  I have included photographs of my stomach in this post, complete with my tiger stripes and fat.  If you’re squeamish or eating, don’t continue.

My hernia is an incisional hernia. 

A hernia that is caused by imperfect healing after abdominal surgery.  Mine is courtesy of the emergency section with Anwen. 

This is the view from the front. As you are looking at the image you will be able to see the hernia on the left. (My right hand side) It’s slightly more distended than the other side.

It was a strange thing.  I started noticing the strange lump within the first 6 weeks after delivery.  I was still having the Fragmin injections and I noticed it was getting more painful around the small lump.  However, at the time, I just assumed it was scar tissue or the like. 

As the lump continued to get bigger, only by a small amount though, I decided I needed to get checked out and the GP confirmed that it was a hernia.  I’m now on the list for surgery and it’s expected within the next 6 months. 

My hernia is now a fair size.  Yes, I have a fair amount (read too much) fat surrounding it but the hernia itself is huge. The surgeon confirmed that. Well, he referred to it as “sizeable”, which in my book means huge. 

Currently, I have a cold and a cough.

This is the view from my right hand side. It is not a great photo but it makes my stomach look so much bigger.

It’s proved to be a difficult thing, with every sneeze and every cough I don’t know whether to bend over, hold my stomach, cover my face.  As soon as I lie down in bed and the coughing starts, I find myself bringing up my knees to my chest to stop the feeling that my insides are going to explode through my skin like that scene from Alien. 

No, it’s not a nice thought, is it? 

This is the view looking down on my hernia. Admittedly, there’s a fair bit of blubber there but you can clearly see the area of my stomach covering the hernia.

Ultimately, I need the hernia repair.  But in the meantime I have to just find a way of living with it.  At one point it was painful, but I seem to have gotten used to that bit and it’s mildly uncomfortable most of the time now.  Some days are worse than others.  Some days I am more uncomfortable than I am on others. 

Today, is a good day.  It’s mildly uncomfortable.  So, here’s to more mildly uncomfortable days (hopefully) than painful days.  And here’s to the surgery soon.