Brightening Up Your Home

Brightening Up Your Home


A dull and dark home can have a negative effect on your mood. It can affect your quality of sleep, make you feel tired and lethargic, and even leave you feeling a little grumpy. Dark walls, dark furniture and dull fixtures and fittings can have the same effect on us as the grey weather. Alternatively, light walls, bright accessories and plenty of natural light can feel like a spring day. It can help you to sleep, improve your mood and generally make you feel more positive. Here are some of the best ways to brighten up your home for spring.


No matter how bright your décor, your home can become dark and dull if it’s full of clutter. It can take up precious wall space, block natural light, hide your gorgeous furniture and have its own negative effects on your mood. The first thing that you should do before you make any other changes is a thorough declutter and make sure everything has a nice neat home. This can help to make your other changes more noticeable and worthwhile.

Paint Your Walls

Painting the walls is perhaps the easiest and most effective way to brighten up your home. If you hate the idea of boring white walls or thinks that there’s nothing duller than cream, consider lighter shades of your favourite colours. Pastels, blues, and purples are all relaxing and work well with other bright accents. Even if your walls are already light, repainting them, even in the same shade can make a huge difference. They’ll look cleaner and brighter. You may even find it helps to make your rooms feel larger.

Let Light In

The best way to brighten any room or area of your house is with natural light. If you’ve got thick blackout curtains that are always closed, your home will never be bright. Swap them out for some thinner, light coloured curtains or check out Make My Blinds for some fantastic alternatives. Then, make sure that you throw them open, and open your windows as much as possible. You may also want to consider replacing your windows, adding a large sliding door or even a skylight. Look for as many sources of natural light as you can. It won’t just brighten your home; it will also help you to feel great and boost your vitamin D levels.

Fun Accessories

Home accessories, homemade crafts, and soft furnishings are a fantastic way to add colour, fun, and personality to your home. Adding some smaller touches that make you smile will go a long way towards brightening both the look and atmosphere of your home.

Light Wood


Many modern furniture stores offer a massive range of styles. Your favourite shelves and tables will be available in many different shades of wood. Light options like pine and oak can make a room feel much brighter than darker woods. If you prefer dark, consider adding lighter covers, cushions, placemats and table runners to brighten things up a little bit.

Lighting Options

Big, bright ceiling lights are a fantastic way to brighten things up. But, you won’t always want that. Fortunately, there isn’t just bright and dark; there’s a lot in-between. Give yourself more options with lamps, lanterns, and candles.