Book Review: The Asylum Tour by Deborah A. Stansil

Book Review: The Asylum Tour by Deborah A. Stansil

The great thing about blogging is I never know what opportunities I’m going to come across… or what is going to land in my inbox.  I have read loads of books by authors I hadn’t heard of this year and it’s been a fantastic experience.  In fact, I stepped out of my comfort zone (as you’ve probably noticed I tend to read more crime fiction than anything else) and tried a less criminal (in some ways) and more of a scary book: 

The Asylum Tour by Deborah A. Stansil. 

I decided in the end to go in blind, even though I had the synopsis in my emails.  With it being a different genre to my usual read, I wanted a complete surprise.  I wasn’t disappointed. I’ll give you the back cover copy though… seeing as I’ve never been any good at writing a brief synopsis.  Usually, I end up writing a story about a story, if you get my drift. 

Sometimes, the past really does come back to haunt you.

When reporter Jeannie Jones learns that a billionaire businessman with a dark past plans on opening an abandoned asylum to the public, alarm bells ring.

What do the invited guests of the first Asylum Tour have in common except for the uncanny resemblance they bear to victims of the infamous serial killer who was held at the asylum?

Is it really just a harmless haunted house tour, or is it something altogether more sinister?

Jeannie must answer these questions and more – before it’s too late.

The Asylum Tour is written from 3 different perspectives, Sarah, Jeannie and Norah.  This is the hardest style to get write.  I know of so many authors who fail epically at pulling this off.  Deborah isn’t one of them.  Yes, there were a few parts where I forgot who was talking (although, that may have been because someone interrupted me mid chapter) but overall, the effect was achieved. 

The plot drew me in almost instantly and I found myself trying to help Jeannie gather her information while willing her to succeed in putting the guests of The Asylum Tour off going.  I really did enjoy turning the pages.  (well figuratively speaking). 

It is a very good fit for the horror genre although, if you’re a hardcore horror type person, this isn’t going to be the one to give you goose bumps.  That being said, it certainly would appeal to a far wider audience because it isn’t hardcore horror. 

I did really enjoy reading The Asylum Tour and I do fancy taking a look at other books Deborah has written. 

You can buy The Asylum Tour by clicking the image below.  (It is an affiliate link which means I will earn a few pennies if you choose to purchase anything through it.)


About Deborah A. Stansil

Born and raised in the North East of England, Deborah A Stansil always dreamed of one day becoming a writer. As a teenager, she would write fiction but she rarely shared it with anyone, and as an adult, life got in the way.

She never forgot her passion to write creatively and now the dream is a reality, with both her books and her blog. Deborah has well and truly caught the writing bug and she is now a full time writer.

She enjoys reading, writing and she’s never far from a book or a notepad/laptop. She also enjoys travelling, both in the UK and abroad and one day, she would love to travel the world.

Deborah is best known for her love of the horror genre, both writing and reading, although she does enjoy writing in both the crime and fantasy genres too.

She hopes you enjoy reading her books as much as she enjoyed writing them.

To become acquainted with Deborah’s work and for updates of new publications, visit and you can also catch up with her on Twitter