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#BloggersinWales – An Interview with, erm, Me

I’ve been running the Bloggers in Wales link up for yonks.  Longer than I can remember.  It’s essentially a directory for Bloggers with a connection to Wales.  However, I want to turn our directory into a community and this post is going to be my first step in producing a little community.

Today, I’m launching the first monthly link up for #BloggersinWales. 

It’s going to be a little bit of a strange first one because I’m essentially going to be interviewing myself. 

So, first to take the #BloggersinWales stage, is me, Beth.  I blog at

A bit about me and my blog

The great start is that you’re already here on my blog but for the sake of being thorough.

I am Beth, a 30-something Mum of 5.  I’m a Mum first and foremost, followed closely by wife, cleaner, cook, taxi driver, laundress, bouncer, counsellor, nurse, and general dogsbody.  When I actually have time for hobbies, I enjoy blogging, reading, writing and family history research.  I NEED to keep my brain active and find parenting dull on times.  That being said I adore my children and wouldn’t change my life for the world.

Beth in a Box is developing at the moment.  I’m not sure where it’s going but I would like to move away from the parenting niche and into more a hobbies and general interest blog.  I don’t see that happening completely for quite some time though.

Beth in a Box can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

What is my connection to Wales?

I was born in Wales and grew up in the post Thatcher South Wales mining valleys.  I now live in between the Severn Bridges (not the water bit though).  I always thought my family were Welsh through and through but it actually turns out that I have just as much English blood as I do Welsh (probably with a bit of Mediterranean blood too).

Am I a Welsh speaker?

Sadly, I am not.  Currently I do have 2 bilingual English/Welsh children and will hopefully have at least one more. 

I’m envious of my children being bilingual and have bilingual great grandparents but by the time my parents were born that Welsh was lost. 

What is my favourite thing about Wales?

My favourite thing about Wales is the sheer number of castles and ancient churches there are to explore.  I love a good castle and living in Wales there’s no shortage of them.  It really is amazing, I only wish my family shared my enthusiasm.

What is my least favourite thing about Wales?

I can’t really say there’s anything about Wales I don’t like.  I wish our economy was better but really speaking, living in Wales, we’re incredibly lucky to have the heritage and culture we do.

Do I have a special place in Wales?

Yes, I do have a special place in Wales.  Stackpole in Pembrokeshire. It was the place that helped me and Jim put the spark back into our relationship.  We love it so much that we decided to go back there on our honeymoon.  We have some amazing memories there.  

What is my most special blogging memory?  It doesn’t have to be Wales related.

My best blogging memory.  It has to be participating in the National Trust’s 50 things to do campaign.  We were filmed at 4 different properties throughout the spring of 2013: Tredegar House, Stackpole, Erddig, and Rhossili Bay.   It was an incredible experience and I absolutely would love to do it again.

So, after learning about me, here is the first Official #BloggersinWales link up. 

If you would like to be featured as a blogger in Wales let me know, either in the comments or by email.

Bloggers in Wales

What do you need to do to join in?

  • The linky runs from Sunday 29th April until 11.59pm on Saturday 26th
  • Feel free to link up any 2 posts – one relating to Wales and the other is a free for all.
  • Please, please, please comment on other posts in the link up. Otherwise the idea of creating a community isn’t going to work.
  • Grab the badge and pop it in your linked post(s). This one is more of a request than a ‘you must do’ but it would be great to help other people find our community.


Beth is a 30-something, self-employed Mum rediscovering her connection to British History and nature. Her loves include the discovery of knowledge, walking in the woods, and writing, among others. Beth is a Virtual Assistant at The Happy VA.


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