Anwen is 11 months

Anwen is 11 months

Oh, Anwen, yesterday you reached the ripe old age of 11 months.  It’s crazy just how quickly you seem to be growing up.  In less than 1 month we’ll be celebrating your 1st birthday.  I have some great things planned. 

Although, here we are… at 11 months, shall we see how you are doing?



Weight:  I honestly don’t have a clue how much you weigh.  You appear to be getting longer and slimmer but still have lush knee dimples.
Clothing Size:  You’re in 12-18 months now for all, except for vests which are 18-24 months.
Shoe Size: Still no shoes, but I think you have big wide feet.
Nappy Size: Still a size 5, although I think I’m going to have to move up to 5+ very soon.
Teeth: You have some molars and all the front ones.  This month we haven’t really noticed any teething troubles but your chest seems to be playing up again so I’m expecting some new teeth very soon.


Favourite Things

Music:  You still adore music.  If I even start to sing you start bobbing around, waving your arms and clapping your hands… all with a massive grin on your face.  You know all of the actions to ‘Wheels on the Bus’ and love to copy. 
Attention: Anwen, you love being centre of attention.  I think it’s because you’ve always got someone to play with.  You have now realised that you can demand attention by shouting or just jumping on the person.
Food: You are still loving your food.  It’s fantastic to see the variety of food you will eat, everything is worth trying at least once.
Your siblings: Your bond with your siblings has grown even more over the last month and you love to play with them.  Macsen is who you turn to for a bit of rough tumble play… you try to get Enfys to play rough and tumble but often come up empty handed.
Playing: Your play skills have developed hugely this month and you have developed a love for playing with cars and reading books.


Silence:  There is still nothing worse than silence to you, well apart from being hungry.
Hunger:  It it’s time for lunch or dinner, you will let me know.  You rarely let me serve a meal late.  It’s like your stomach is a clockwork one.
Being left alone in a room: You still hate being left alone in a room.  In fact, I think it might actually be worse again this month compared with last month.


Bedtime:  Asleep between 6.30 & 7pm
Wake Time: 6am-7am… rarely outside of these times but it does happen.
Naps:  1x 2 hour nap after lunch.


Bottles: We are down to 2 8oz bottles a day, 1 in the morning and 1 before bed.
Food: You eat everything we eat.  You love your food.  I have yet to find something you don’t like.

Exciting things this month

Waving and saying “Hiya”: Yes, this skill is back.  I don’t know where it disappeared but it’s back and it’s fab.
Standing up: You figured out how to pull yourself up this month and how to sit back down again.