This is a collaborative post.

Have you noticed how much difference the lighting makes to the ambience of a room? 

I have.  Our lounge always seemed so cold and unwelcoming despite us choosing light bulbs that are supposed to emit a warm white light.  Then there is the fact that it’s either too bright or completely dark there was nothing in between.  That all changed when I decided to buy smart lightbulbs.  Now we have lightbulbs that dim and we can create different moods just by changing the setting. 

The ambience of our living room can now be altered and I’m loving it.  We’ve tried lots of things but here’s my five favourite ways we have successfully improved the lighting.

Image Credit: Paula Arntzen, Studio Arntzen – Paula’s Paper Process project manifest itself in the form of four big handmade chandeliers combined with garlands.

Invest in some dimmable bulbs

Don’t worry if you don’t have dimmer switches already installed… these days all you need is a router, internet connection, a smart phone and the Philips Hue hub (or similar).  Since we invested in some Phillips Hue bulbs our lounge has been a far nicer place to relax.  At the moment we only have the warm white bulbs but I’m thinking of getting a coloured one for our lamp.  We also have ours paired with our Amazon Echo which means Alexa can turn our light on and off for us.

Add a lamp or two

Lamps make a huge difference to the ambience of a room.  If you prefer a darker room and don’t want to invest in the smart bulbs, then a lamp or two is a great alternative.  We have a floor lamp in the corner of our lounge and it does set a more relaxing mood.  How many lamps you add depends on the size of your room.

Image Credit: Paula Arntzen, Studio Arntzen – La Couronne, ‘the crown’ is an airy chandelier designed from two pieces copper foil material.


Introduce colours

Coloured bulbs are great for setting the mood of any room.  I’m not a fan of the cold white lighting you get in hospitals but love the warm white lights, even if it is frustratingly dim sometimes.  Light therapy is a great alternative to medicines and in many cases provides great results.  Did you know that light therapy can ease symptoms of a migraine?  I didn’t, but it has made me more determined to invest in some coloured lights for our home.

Image Credit: Paula Arntzen, Studio Arntzen – The installation “Heliodiscus” is a collection of lights inspired by the book “Kunstformen der natur” (1904) by German biologist and philosopher Ernst Haeckel.

Unique lighting goes a long way

If, setting the mood isn’t really your thing but you really want to make a statement, why not take a look at what a lighting designer could do for you?  Many lighting designers, in particular, Paula Arntzen, produce incredible pieces of art that can add that designer touch to many homes.  A design light shop can really provide the goods for setting your home apart from the rest.

Image Credit: Paula Arntzen, Studio Arntzen – The glass objects are the result of an exploration of the symmetry and exquisiteness of Ernst Hackel drawings.


Include a few candles

I have never really been a big candle fan… well until recently.  However, I then discovered the joy of scented candles.  I have quite a few dotted all around the lounge and they aren’t all the same scent.  Not only do the candles provide a nice gently lit atmosphere but they also add to the ambience with a gorgeous smell that filters through the whole house…

Do you have any tips for changing the ambience of your living space with lighting?